Why I Fell for Aromatherapy, and Where it all Began

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Why I Fell for Aromatherapy, and Where it all Began

Come with me back to pre-2005… I’m working 60 hour weeks as a journalist, flying loads, being on call. My friends are burned out, I’m seriously starting to notice the toll it’s taking and nobody is talking about wellbeing. By nobody I mean spas don’t get it, businesses don’t get it, and it’s definitely not the hot topic it is in 2021! THANK GOODNESS things have changed. I’m painting a bit of a miserable picture, but at the time I really was noticing how the pressure to be ‘on’ all the time, to get everything done and to have it all was affecting the energy and mood of my family and friends. My default state was BUSY, and when you suffer from anxiety like me, that kind of  lifestyle means you risk making your symptoms worse and burning all the way out. 

Looking for a natural solution I became interested in aromatherapy, and was a little bit mind-blown by the realisation that it’s not just nice smells that scent your space (though that is nice, OBVIOUSLY), but that these powerful plant extracts make real, physical changes in your body and brain which make you feel a certain way; namely less stressed, ready for sleep, happier and more energised. Before long I was mixing tinctures for family, friends and myself, and working out just how important prioritising this stuff could be for all of our health and mood. I’m still busy now, but the difference is I also see my ‘off’ time as equally important as my ‘on’, because without that time, I’m just not my best. It’s been my mission since then to help everyone who’s feeling the pressure and like they can’t ever switch off to swap to make those tiny baby steps towards the balance and wellbeing we all deserve.

And if you’re still feeling alone, I want to share some of the stories behind NEOM’s most popular blends, because there are real people (and real problems to solve!) behind each one.

Better Sleep

YES I know I am obsessed and as a result at NEOM we are obsessed, but it’s true that nothing affects how you look and feel more than sleep. Perfect Night’s Sleep was the first blend I ever created, and I made it for my sister as she was having trouble sleeping. She was (and still is) very green-minded, so the solution that was going to work for her had to be natural or nothing, which suited my tinctures perfectly. The hero in this blend is lavender, which when inhaled activates your parasympathetic system, slowing your breathing down and putting you in the ideal state for sleep. In other words, a real, tangible effect on your body.

We also added Bedtime Hero to our sleep which harnesses the power of chamomile instead of lavender - if you’re after something more fruity and fresh but still does the job of helping you sleep better.


I made Real Luxury for myself, to help me switch off and create that brain space between work day and relaxation time. I wanted something that would calm me down, help ease anxieties and of course it had to smell amazing too; I still use this scent for de-stressing now. Real Luxury also contains lavender essential oil which has the same calming effect as it does in Perfect Night’s Sleep, but this time it’s blended with soothing rather than sleepy oils, like jasmine and Brazillian rosewood, which are comforting rather than sleep-inducing.


My husband played a lot of sports back when I was starting out in aromatherapy, and I wanted to find a blend that would help him charge through matches, work and going out partying with me with energy to keep going through it all. The result was Feel Refreshed, which contains 24 essential oils like Sicilian lemon and basil to boost energy, naturally. For an ingredient like lemon essential oil, the fastest way to feel the effects is by inhaling it - your brain sends a message to the parts of the body that need invigorating and off you go.


I wasn’t just noticing burnout in myself, but in my friends too. For my little gang who were burning the candle at both ends, I wanted to create something that would lift them up again, getting them back to their bubbly selves, and tackling low moods caused by stress and just taking on too much. I created my Happiness blend from neroli, mimosa and lemon, choosing these ingredients for the mood lifting and de-stressing power. Neroli for example lowers your blood pressure, which acts as a two-way street and lowers your cortisol (stress hormone). 

My journey with essential oils is ongoing like everyone’s, and I love hearing about the oils that have a made a real difference to YOU - let me know @neomorganics

Nicola x

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