Why your daily walk could be the most important tactic in your sleep toolkit

Posted by PR Neom

Why your daily walk could be the most important tactic in your sleep toolkit

We’ve always known how great sleep changes the way we look and feel, inside and out. And we’ve always known that those daily walks make us feel GOOD. But now, a study done by the WHO has shown a link between the two. Conducted over 11 years, the study linked those who exercise (and we don’t mean full-on workouts, just two and a half hours of brisk walking per week) benefit from better sleep overall, and as a result, live longer. So we’re revisiting all the reasons we love that daily walk, and recommitting to working it into our day. Because when it comes to sleep, every little helps.

Why we love our daily walks

It’s just a walk, right? It requires no equipment apart from shoes (and maybe a waterproof, thanks weather), so how good could it be? PRETTY DAMN GOOD it turns out. As well as increasing the overall quality of your sleep as we’ve seen from the WHO, the physical and mental benefits are numerous. 

A walk outside builds your overall resilience, puts your thoughts into the perspective of the wider world, acts as an outlet and a mental break from your day, and gives you an energy boost by getting your circulation going. It might feel simple but it’s REALLY that good.

Why sleep should be a priority

We’re totally sleep-obsessed, and around 4 in 10 of us are not getting enough. That’s why we’re SO into helping as many people as we can, nail quality rest. Our partners at the Mental Health Foundation view sleep as the unsung hero of mental health, a two-way street that suffers when you’re stressed or anxious, and causes your stress to be worse when you don’t get enough of it. 

Physically, when you sleep, your brain processes the day, your skin rejuvenates and repairs itself, and of course you build up your energy, so it’s a multi-pronged source of looking and feeling better.

Our one thing

As we came out of lockdown this year, we looked back, reflected, and identified the one thing, the positives we each learned that we would take forward. And there was an overwhelming trend among team NEOM, as more than a few of us chose our newfound daily walks as that one thing to keep hold of. Turns out even those of us without dogs who need walking, actually loved walking. It gets you out in nature, helps you find joy in the little things like the seasons changing, and was something of a sanity-saver during the past year or so. Even as working from the office returns, gyms open and routines come back, we’ll be holding on to that daily walk. And now we know it’s also helping our sleep? It’s DEFINITELY sticking around.

Nail a sleep routine

We believe in a toolkit of tips and products to tackle every wellbeing goal. There’s no one-stop trick to guarantee you great sleep (though we wish there was), so it’s about finding what works for YOU. A daily brisk walk is a great (scientifically proven) place to start. And there’s a whole host of things you can add, to help you wind down and get that restorative rest. From an evening bath with a calming candle to skincare that actually helps you wind down, and the small touches like pillow mist, we’ve got you. Powerful naturals like lavender and chamomile complement the rest of your routine to boost your efforts, and make that game changing difference come bedtime.