World Sleep Day! Here's our sleepy team tips

Posted by Nicola Elliott, Mar 14, 2019

World Sleep Day! Here's our sleepy team tips

A quick scoot round the office and we all started giving each other our best sleep tips and made a promise to each other to get better zzz's this World Sleep Day!

And here's what we said... Chloe, PR gal extraordinaire - who spent yesterday at our sleepy press event at Le Manoir in Oxford from 6am until midnight (check out our stories on Instagram) so tonight has promised to give herself a 1 hour digital detox before bed. "I have set my phone to shut off at 8.30pm - see ya Instagram."

Victoria, our Leeds Store Manager who has been with us since the day the doors opened in 2016 is going mag mad! "I seriously can tell when I don't have magnesium, my body craves it. I am hitting the Magnesium. The new Bedtime Hero Magnesium Body Butter!"

Julie, Wimbledon Store Neomologist - who is a self confessed cappuccino lover has said she'd say 'no thanks' to the steaming cup of caffeine after 3pm (even when she's been on her feet on the shop floor all day serving up some wellbeing to our customers). "I am going for it. Come 3pm it's a no from me with lots of spritz's of my Grapefruit, Lemon & Rosemary Natural Perfume from 4pm".

Founder & CEO, Oliver is going old school. "I am hitting the Wellbeing Pod button on it's one hour setting with the Scent to Sleep Essential Oil blend (my wife & two little boys will benefit too). Putting my phone downstairs so distractions are out of sight and mind, and here's to an old school alarm clock for the Saturday morning activities (if the boys don't wake me first that is)".

Wellbeing Pod

Emma - who runs our seriously relaxing spa area (and is our full on ball of energy in the office) is giving meditation a shot. "Perfect Night's Sleep Pulse Point on my wrists and temples + a dousing of Perfect Night's Sleep Pillow Mist + this meditation (there's one called 'Sleep Hypnosis for calming an overactive mind' which suits me) = a brill trio for sleep!"

Watch our IGTV over on Instagram @neomorganics for more tips on video from the team on sleep for World Sleep Day!

Much love, Nicola x

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