Wrap hacks. 5 easy ways to up your gift wrap game

Posted by PR Neom

Wrap hacks. 5 easy ways to up your gift wrap game

When you want to make that wellbeing gift EVEN MORE special (is that even possible?). BUT, you're also like 'who has time for that'?

We asked our creative peeps at NEOM HQ to pull together the busy girl's guide to... seriously-cool-wrap-which-looks-like-it-took-you-hours. Here’s 5. 

1 Chalk it
No need for fiddly tags, string or ribbon. A way to halve the time you spend on wrapping your gift is using chalkboard packaging. Black craft paper (hello amazon prime) and a white chalk or black board pen means you can basically DRAW your wrap and only takes a few seconds.

2 Natural all the way

Simple plain paper & string. That plain post office brown paper looks super and is cost effective too. After it has been recorded that Brits will throw away 108 million rolls of wrapping paper, we’re joining the group who are pledging to use recycled brown paper this year. Hit Sainsbury's for some rosemary… the living plant in the herb aisle. Wrap and insert. Simple and fragrant.

3 Happy Wrap

Another eco friendly way to wrap is with Happy Wrap. Again literally nothing to do, but cut, fold and stick, because their hand made with natural dyes has done all the work for you.  

 4 Fabric wrap

A bit of a growing trend for the past two years is using fabric to wrap up. We like it because it’s eco-friendly AND we LOVE it because it saves time. Whether it’s a cute scarf or a tablecloth that you got in the H&M sale last year and keep on planning to use (but don’t) - it’s easy to tie up with a ribbon, or simply tie it in a knot - whichever way you feel like it.

5 Say ‘Hey, NEOM could you help?

No time for the above? Drop into NEOM store (or select online) and we will do the wrapping for you! Beautiful gift boxes which you can reuse too.