For the past 10 years we have worked with the inspirational team at Make-A-Wish® UK and we are delighted to have donated £44,966 so far, through sales of our Christmas product range. These donations have helped Make-A-Wish® UK to grant magical wishes to enrich the lives of children and young people fighting life-threatening conditions.

Neom would like to thank you for helping us to be able to support such an amazing charity. This year, we have pledged a donation of £8,000 which will enable them to grant two more wishes to very brave children like Conor and Khayyam.
Here are their stories…



4 year old Conor who lives near York, was born with a scarred liver but this wasn’t officially diagnosed until he was 12. There’s no cure for his condition and he’s awaiting a liver transplant.

He loves motor biking but he gets too tired to do it. So when his family turned to Make-A-Wish® UK, his wish was to own an off-road buggy which would enable him to continue to enjoy motoring and the outdoors.

His wish became a magical reality in 2014 and as he has six siblings, it’s something he can share with them too. He still uses it two years later and recently changed the clutch on it.…

When he first received it, Conor said: “This is the mintist little thing I have ever had!”. His family love seeing him so happy and positive as a result of the vehicle and the wish made his mum Elaine feel like she was able to do something for Conor when she otherwise felt so helpless.

Elaine added: “I would like to say to that person who is fundraising for Make-A-Wish, running the extra mile or doing that little bit extra; to be able to do something positive for Conor amongst all the negative is like having a shining star amongst a sea of negativity.



Khayyam, from Purley in South London was diagnosed with Burkitt’s Lymphoma in December 2013, when he was 5 years old.

He needed six months of chemotherapy and spent some time in isolation which was lonely and boring. He started watching YouTube videos – specifically EvanTubeHD who vlogs all about Lego with which Khayyam loves playing.

When he left hospital to recuperate at home it was also a difficult time and he would watch these videos as it gave him someone else to interact with when he didn’t see his friends. So when Khayyam turned to Make-A-Wish® UK, he decided he wanted to make his very own YouTube blog using various toys!

His wish began with a limousine ride to a top London agency called ‘Nonsense’. After being greeted by the production team, Khayyam went straight into the filming of his first blog – ‘Marvel hero mashers!’ He made superheroes and explained, off the cuff, how to put the characters together and play with them. Khayyam was a real natural in front of the camera. Later in the day, Khayyam made a second film called ‘Attack on the Avengers Tower’ before visiting the Rainforest Café for dinner.

His mum Farrah said: “The wish has given us a lifetime of memories. It was amazing seeing Khayyam so happy throughout the whole experience – he didn’t want to leave at the end so we knew he had had a great time!

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