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White Neroli, Mimosa & Lemon

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  • Happiness™ Scented Candle (Travel)
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  • Happiness™ Scented Candle (Travel) Close Up
  • Happiness™ Scented Candle (Travel) Box
  • Happiness™ Scented Candle (Travel)

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Scent To Make You Happy Range™ Happiness™
Scented Candle (Travel)

White Neroli, Mimosa & Lemon



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75g / 1 wick / 20 hours


A daily boost of happiness when you need it most... Light our scented candle for at least 2 hours to fill your room with 7 wonderfully uplifting essential oils. Natural happiness for brighter days. Take on your travels to uplift on the go.

Therapeutic Benefits

Whatever your version of happiness is, we believe it starts with a positive state of mind. The Neom Scent To Make You Happy™ range is specially formulated with natural fragrance which not only smells wonderful but also has an uplifting effect on the mind and body. Our Neom Happiness™ fragrance is a complex blend of 7 of the purest possible essential oils including neroli, mimosa & lemon, all expertly blended to help you balance your emotions and feel more positive.

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The Fragrance

A dew-carpeted garden on a fresh spring morning. A sparkling blend of white neroli, mimosa and lemon is combined with natural fresh grass notes to create a scent evocative of the awakening of spring.

What makes our products so special?

Our candles contain the highest possible percentage of the purest possible essential oils, which not only smell wonderful but also have true therapeutic benefits for the mind and body, helping to transform the way you feel. We use a complex blend of pure, natural vegetable wax and 100% natural fragrance with nothing else added. Perfect for smaller rooms and taking away with you, our travel candles provide a beautiful therapeutic treatment wherever you are. We would never use petrochemical paraffin or mineral wax, only the purest possible ingredients. All our products are 100% natural, ethically sourced, finely crafted in Britain from sustainable origins with absolutely no artificial ingredients. Whether it's to relieve stress, calm and relax, aid sleep, boost your energy or lift your mood, we make 'Scent to make you feel good.'


Burn for a minimum of 2 hours and a maximum of 4. This will ensure the wax burns evenly. Never leave a burning candle unattended. Keep out of the reach of children and pets. Always leave at least 10cm between candles. Do not burn on or near anything that can catch fire. Trim wick to about 1cm before lighting. Always extinguish the candle and do not relight when the wax level is less than 5mm.

Safety Information

Warnings - Exclamation mark, Environment

Warning: Keep only in original container. Keep out of reach of children. Read label before use. In case of fire use water spray for extinction. If on skin wash with plenty of soap and water. Contains d-limonene, citral, pinene beta, eugenol 98%, pinene alpha. May produce an allergic reaction. May cause an allergic skin reaction. If medical advice is needed, have product container or label at hand. Toxic to aquatic life with long lasting effects. Avoid release to the environment.

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Customer Reviews


(Review by Tom)


The perfect travel companion. Ideal for packing away in your case to ensure relaxation when away from home.
Also ideal for the bedroom or smaller room.

Perfect present

(Review by Maxine)


Love the size of the travel candles, they are perfect for travelling and make lovely presents.


(Review by Alfie)


Smells lovely and a strong smell, filled my kitchen with fragrance, but I followed directions and no way do these travel candles last 20 hours. I have burnt this 14 hours and it's just about finished.

Note from Neom:

Thank you for your review, so sorry to hear you experienced a problem with your Happiness Travel Candle. Our travel candles should provide 20 hours of burn time, so this definitely does not sound right. Please be assured that a member of our customer service team will be in touch shortly to discuss this further. Neom x

subtle scent

(Review by ajamy)


This is a cool, subtle scent with a hint of freshness from the lemon.
The travel size is perfect for a small gift, I always get great feedback on how lovely they are..

Good things come in small packages

(Review by Hannah)


I love the travel size candles that Neom offers, they are just the right size to put next to the bath to relax.
This one is one of my favourite scents, it isn't an overpowering citrus scent (which I find some poorer quality candles can be) and the mimosa & neroli make it just divine!
I love it!!!


(Review by Francesca)


This candle smells lovely even when not lit.

Intoxicating scent

(Review by Lee Aun )


What a joy at last to find a scent which is not overpowering or cloying but soothes the senses and gives us a lovely sense of well-being. This is one of the nicest candle scent I have encountered. Looking forward to the Happy Range extended to the bath and body range.....

Real happiness

(Review by Brett)


At the beginning, this fragrance was not so impressive for me. But after a long busy period, this smell really makes me feel calm and happiness.

The secret to happiness...

(Review by Katy )


The smell of this candle is absolutely wonderful- it can't help but make you happy! It is just the perfect gift to bring "happiness".


(Review by Fiona)


I can't say enough good things about this candle - even at travel size it's fragrance can fill a small room without even being burnt! Such a fresh, invigorating scent that I am now addicted to! Loving the new Neom branding and packaging too - looks great on my shelves.

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