Discover Your #MostPowerfulSelfSmall steps Big Difference

This season we’re focusing on the small steps that can make a huge difference to your natural energy levels, with all sorts of helpful tips and insights to help you find your

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Scent toBoost your

Scent toBoost your

At Neom, we understand how having an abundance of natural energy can make even the earliest mornings and longest days so much more manageable and productive.


With that in mind, we’ll help you take the small steps that can make such a big difference to your energy levels, from a deeply relaxing bedtime routine to a refreshing, invigorating morning ritual.

It’s time to unleash the natural energy that’s already inside your mind and body, helping you feel more positive, motivated and powerful

Small Steps Big Difference Challenge

When it comes to energy, small steps can be just as powerful as big changes. That’s why this January, we’re launching our Small Steps, Big Difference challenge – to help you boost your natural energy levels and find your #MostPowerfulSelf


Whether you are committed to a full detox or just want to start small there is something here for everyone. Tell us how many small steps you can take on and enter our competition for the chance to win £200 to spend with us with 5 runners up prizes of £50. Competition ends 28th February.

Thirty Small Steps

30 Small Steps

  • Step 1. Hello Sunshine. Try going for a walk at lunchtime to soak up some natural Vitamin D from the sun, Vitamin D is essential for your wellbeing as it lifts your mood for a natural energy boost.
  • Step 2. Laugh. Laughter is a proven stress buster and it can raise your natural energy levels too. Feel free to use this as permission to watch funny YouTube videos for the next ten minutes!
  • Step 3. Drink water. Whether you’re at the gym or doing the 9-5, remember to drink enough water. Even mild dehydration can cause sleepiness, so aim to drink one small glass per hour throughout the day.
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Natural Energy Boosters

To help you boost your energy levels naturally we have hand picked three bundles to help whether you are looking for a natural start the beginning of the day or need a little boost to ward off the 4pm slump!

†Competition runs from 9th January to 28th February 2017. One winner will receive £200 to spend with Neom and five runners up will receive £50 to spend with Neom. Once a winner has been notified, their Neom account will be credited with loyalty points up to either £200 or £50 in value. If the winner does not have a Neom account, we will be able to create an account for you. Neom points can be redeemed against your purchase, but cannot be exchanged for cash.