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We award 5 points for every £1 spent
100 points = £1 to spend on your next order

Receive a reward for every order and spend it on whatever you please

We let you know how many points each order will earn for you. Also, each product reports the number of points you will receive if purchased.

Once you place your order the relevant number of points will be added to your account. They do not expire and will be ready to use on your next order.

You must have an account and be logged in to collect Neom Points.

Spend the points on any product on our website

Once you have collected some Neom Points, a new option will appear above the card details on the checkout page. You can choose when you would like to redeem your points and how many you want to contribute towards your order.

Don't worry - we never let you spend more Neom Points than necessary for any order.

You don't earn points from the postage you pay, and you can't redeem points against postage costs.

Keeping track of your Neom Points

You can log into your account to see where every point has been awarded. Things are fully transparent so you can keep track of your rewards.

Also earn points for...

Placing an order isn't the only way to earn Neom Points. Take a look below for more rewards.

  • New account sign up -
    150 Neom Points

    Maximum points awarded for new accounts: 150

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