Scent to make you feel good

100% Natural Fragrances
For the mind & Body

Life is stressful, hectic, crazy at times. As a working mother of two young children I know that all too well. Not that I’d have it any other way, I just think we could do with a little help at times. It starts with being kind to yourself. A walk in the park, a relaxing bath. That’s why I developed Neom. A beautiful collection of 100% natural fragrances for mind and body, that are free from artificial ingredients, all with therapeutic benefits. It means your bath can work that bit harder to help you unwind, a candle can fill the air with a scent that’s not only beautiful but uplifting. It’s just about being kind to yourself, to the world around us, giving a friend a lovely gift that not only smells and looks pretty but will help give her the best night’s sleep. I’d love to know how our Neom fragrances have helped you, so please do get in touch on Facebook or Twitter.

And Remember, learn to be calm and you'll always be happy!

Nicola Elliott, Co-Founder

Nicola Elliott