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The reason I started Neom. The moments that warm my heart.

Neom started by accident really. I was working around the clock as a magazine editor, and was almost constantly on the brink of serious burnout. To try and get my health in order I decided to train in aromatherapy, and then I started tinkering with essential oils at home. I started by making little balms […] >>>

The customer email we won’t forget

When an email popped into the Neom inbox from a customer, Victoria, we all stopped in our tracks. The office went quiet as someone read it out. In an instant, we reconfirmed the reason we come to work at Neom, every single day. We just had to share the email with you… >>>

How To Make Over Your Morning

The way we begin each day has been shown to affect our mood, energy and productivity for the rest of the day. Here’s how to shake up your wake-up, so that you get to rise and SHINE. >>>

5 Cool Things To Do in London this Summer

It’s starting to feel like SUMMER! Yey! So we asked the Neom TEAM for their tips on where to go, what to do, what to see, or where to move, laugh, relax and play over summer to feel (DAMN) GOOD. >>>

Your new three step evening skincare routine

Do you agree that you only look your best after a great night’s sleep? I believe that if you have a great night’s sleep, you will always look and feel like the best version of you. And here’s how you can, with our NEW face care routine. >>>

Dad’s Eye View

The Easter holidays are almost upon us. Cue two weeks of ‘I’m bored!’ and planning play dates. We asked dad of two and blogger, Jamie Day, from A Day In The Life Dad for his top survival tips and how he fits in wellbeing. >>>