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The products which makes us feel good

The team fess up their fail safe NEOM picks that make them feel good. From better sleep to a wellbeing hangover cure! We've got you.

Andrea, Product Developer
“I’m always on the go, I can never sit still for too long and I feel quite guilty if I’m not doing something or being productive… So when I NEED to really relax I use the excuse of a bath and drizzle in the Perfect Night’s Sleep Bath Foam – it’s the only time I feel like I can really relax and properly unwind. Afterwards I FEEL totally and utterly calm, my skin feels great, I smell amazing and it’s far easier for me to drift off to sleep.”

Natalie, Customer Marketing Manager
“I heard the hype about the Great Day Body Scrub. I would never normally buy a body scrub, I think a good exfoliating sponge is suffice. How wrong I was. I first used the Body Scrub after a night out with the girls (which does not happen often now I’m a mum of two children) and I’d opted for the high heels (which I love, but my feet don’t). I didn’t have time for a bath so I thought I’d try the Body Scrub on my sore feet. Hallelujah! The smell! Wow! So uplifting. The best hangover cure ever!”

Charlotte, PR & Social Executive
“Mornings are ALWAYS a struggle for me, I’m just not a morning person and I never have been. I wake up in a bit of a grump and it takes me a while to become human again.
I got into the habit of getting up a little bit earlier and spritzing the Energy Burst Perfume and breathing it in before I leave for work. It’s now a vital part of that routine, I am obsessed!”

Rachael, Customer Relationship Manager
“I’m a typical over thinker! I analyse everything that happens through the day which leaves me feeling stressed, so when the going gets tough I light up the Real Luxury Candle. The scent fills my room so quickly and I always take time to sit, let the load on my mind lift. It’s a bit of a ritual now.”

Let us know which one NEOM product is your fail safe to feel good, on Instagram @neomorganics!

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