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Turn up the WELLBEING DIAL. On The Go

Wafty kaftans, copious glasses of Rose wine and a doorstop of a book to one side. Nicola tells us about slowly unwinding and pampering, prepping for nights out, and how the NEOM Wellbeing On the Go Collection is turning up her wellbeing dial. On The Go.

Hello Summer and those H-A-P-P-Y vibes… July is here and oh how sweet it is to think we have our holiday coming this month after what seems to have been an endless amount of moody skies and rain in June. Cue Ibiza packing and sharing links on dresses and kaftans, beach bags and pom pom’d sandals.

BUT not forgetting stashing the brilliant mini bottles full of wellbeing power to take with me too, including our NEW Wellbeing On The Go sets. Because aside from a wafty new kaftan, copious glasses of Rose wine and a doorstop of a book to one side, a massive part of me unwinding on hols is spent in the bathroom!

Slowly unwinding and pampering, prepping for nights out, and of course, laying in bed for as long as possible. Wellbeing on the go is crucial to me. Ten years ago I might have been happy to come home pasty white from being up partying all night, feeling worse than I left, but not now. Holidays are about having fun and feeling good in equal measures, coming back feeling well rested and raring to go.

We’ve got the perfect collection of 50ml (aeroplane friendly sizes) minis that add that ‘little extra’ to even the most perfectly planned holidays and the new incredible kits too. Shower Washes packed with energy boosting oils, super nourishing Body Oils that the whole family can use (ditch the chemical laden after-sun please, these are fantastic and no peeling!). Mini Pillow Mists to help you all sleep… super cute and super useful!

So guys get your wellbeing ON with NEOM natural-goodness, whether you need a wellbeing moment on the tube, something to HIT YOU UP on the plane, in a far flung location or just a damn good something on that city break to get your glow on.

I want to hear how these Wellbeing minis are helping you. Send us your snaps on Instagram @neomorganics, from trips near or afar – we have you covered!

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