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Neom chats with Kelly Morgan. Our own Neom expert of wellbeing and fitness, AND the woman in the know about….exercising for energy (when you have none). We all have had that feeling right? >>>

Your Sleep Questions Answered…

We're lucky to have Anandi The Sleep Guru as part of our Wellbeing Board. We decided to bring her expertise to our twitter followers in a take over, giving customers and anyone else who struggles with sleep the chance to ask Anandi their sleep questions, here are the most asked questions... >>>


New day, new sleep-related myth in the news… There’s so much sleep chatter out there it can be difficult to sift through the rubbish and just cut to the chase. What is REALLY affecting our sleep quality? We asked our Neom Sleep Expert, Anandi, to crack open some of the most common concerns. >>>

Sleep Remedies by Pukka’s Co-Founder & Master Herbsmith, Sebastian Pole

A good Night's rest is one of the best things in the world. We feel relaxed, refreshed and awake. when we sleep well our body repairs itself, our mind relaxes and we process our emotional experience. Even our dreams, chaotic though they sometimes are, can be a window to our soul helping us to unravel some of life's mystery. >>>

7 Day “Feel Amazing” Challenge

We’re on our biggest mission to help you feel good. So with the help of Suzy Reading, the Neom Psychology expert and Sam Paget, our Nutrition Expert, we’ve created the ultimate 7 day challenge to help rid your body of stress and tension, lift your mood, cultivate a little self-acceptance and feel utterly amazing. >>>

Lauren Laverne On Sleep And Stress

Lauren Laverne, broadcaster, writer and co-founder of The Pool (a new digital platform for women who are too busy to browse), talks with us about unwinding in an uber busy life >>>