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Reset The “Supermum” Notion

Anya Hayes (Pilates Teacher, Writer and Author) is on a mission to reset our notion of 'Supermum'... Out with the plate spinning manics (that are dying a bit inside), and in with us real mums who are doing our best and THAT IS GOOD ENOUGH! Yay to that. Here's some great tips from her new book... >>>

Want to beat travel stress?

Yogi’s are renowned for being calm - we need some of that!  We had a (very laid back) chatter with these super-chilled Yogi's, on how to beat travel stress, and how us civilians can take a small step from their book… On the go, travel, to work and back. Train, bus, plane. Flying off to meetings or far flung locations (Maldives anyone?). >>>


Our resident Sleep expert Anandi… has been-there-done-that (with regards to sleep, that is), and knows what’s it’s like to wake up in the midnight hours, and not nod back off!… We quizzed Anandi to give us her best tried-and-tested tips to help you nod back off when you wake and everyone else is sound asleep. […] >>>


You’ll know from the term ‘brain training’ that we can exercise our brains to improve memory. But a body of scientific research shows we have even more control over our brains than previously thought... >>>

How to De-stress Like a Pro

Always connected? Struggle to switch off? Tension building? We’ve all been there. We got an honest download from author, midwife, blogger & mother of 4 daughters (a true pro in juggling it all) Clemmie Hooper on what HER stress-relief tool-kit looks like... >>>


There's so much out there on mindfulness and how it can make you happy, so we quizzed Neom's mindfulness expert, Emma Mills - who, by the way, has just launched her new book, "Inhale, Exhale, Repeat" - so knows pretty much all there is to know about mindfulness! >>>

“Was It Stress?” What Eminé Uncovers

As Wellness Director of fab Psychologies Magazine, Eminé Rushton is a woman who is in tune with her wellbeing, but even she uncovered something she didn’t know… “Was it stress keeping me awake? That’s what I thought… but was I right? >>>

Fuelling Your Body

Samantha Paget, Neom’s nutritionist gives us the fuss-free facts about how to nourish your body for power, every day… >>>