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3 Reasons We’re Not Getting Enough Sleep

Posted by Nicki Page 1

Sleep is such a big deal. Just like food and exercise we need great quality shut-eye in order to feel fit, focused and ready to face the day. We all know that a night of tossing and turning and struggling to drift off can leave us feeling low, irritable and ready to switch off by about 4pm…

So with sleep firmly on our minds this month, the team at Neom Wimbledon have been asking some of their most sleep-deprived customers why exactly they’re having trouble drifting off, and it seems there are 3 pretty common reasons that unite us all. We put these insomnia issues to our Wellbeing Board to get the very best advice for overcoming them and here’s what they said…


1. STRESSED OUT THOUGHTS - According to the Neom Lifestyle Stress Audit, 3 in 5 of us struggle to fall asleep due to high stress levels. If your mind is leaping ahead to the future and worrying thoughts fill your head as you’re drifting off, it could be that you’re involved in a process called ‘catastrophic thinking’. You’re working yourself up into a frenzied panic just as you should be winding down.

Suzy, our Neom Psychologist, recommends a 5 minute mind-emptying exercise. Simply keep a journal next to your bed and summarise your thoughts and feelings on the day. Write down and let go of anything that didn’t quite go to plan and commit to doing better the next day. Writing engages the left side of the brain, which frees up the creative, free-thinking right side – allowing it time to problem-solve and make peace with past events. So, journaling is a perfect way of preparing the mind for sleep, giving it an ideal stepping stone to filing away memories and thoughts that would otherwise get in the way of a good night’s sleep.


2. TOO MUCH TECH TIME - Neom Sleep Expert, Anandi, advises “It’s all about Sleep Hygiene, really ‘cleaning up’ your bedtime routine and sleeping space, as our environment is intrinsically linked to our inner self care.

Your bedroom should be a tranquil sleeping space, not too hot or cold and ideally clutter and technology free. If you’re guilty of email and phone checking pre-sleep, try and apply a Digital Detox around 1 hour before going to bed. Just switch off all tech as countless studies have now shown just how disruptive the blue light that your phone, computer and tablet emit is to your sleep cycle, cueing the brain to be wide awake, not settling down. If you HAVE to look at a screen, ensure the light setting is at its lowest.”


3. LITTLE ONES KEEPING YOU UP - Nothing can quite prepare you for the sleep loss you’ll experience as a new parent, but fear not… there are ways you can tackle this unavoidable issue. Our experts recommend incorporating the following into your routine.

Try to unwind as your baby rests. You can’t make up for those lost hours of sleep, but you can recoup and recharge your energy. Switching off your phone will help you have some quiet time, or have soak in the bath. It’s a cliché, but try to sleep when your baby sleeps. Aim for you both to have a nap at the same kind of time each day (i.e. when you know your little one is likely to be asleep for at least an hour). It’s better to have a decent nap (at least 45 minutes) than lots of little cat naps, otherwise you will end up feeling groggy. If you have more than one child it can be harder to juggle some rest time. Try to get them on the same schedule and even if your older child doesn’t nap, encourage quiet time, either looking at books or listening to a story CD.

Is your sleep complaint on here? If not, let us know by commenting below or by using #Sleeptember on our www.facebook.com or www.twitter.com and we’ll put your concerns to our board!

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Watch the video below with Suzy Reading, Neom Psychology Expert who reveals the secret signs of stress and why you should look out for them.

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