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5 Minutes With A Sleep Guru

Posted by Amanda Page 1

Anandi, the Neom Sleep Expert is on the biggest mission with us to help everyone achieve a better night’s sleep. This month we caught up with her to find out just what it means to be a sleep therapist.

Amanda : What inspired you to become a sleep guru?

Anandi : The absolute conviction that sleep issues are 90% due to our lifestyle. I was teaching and practicing yoga for many years with a particular interest in the breath and Ayurveda, but when I really got in touch with the healing power of these tools for insomniacs, I wanted to dedicate my life to it.


Amanda : What is Ayurveda?

Anandi : Vitality, energy and the ability to be active in the world. It’s an ancient medical practice that goes far beyond the healing perimeters of modern medicine, treating the root cause of a problem (without prescription drugs). Sleep issues are 90% due to our lifestyle


Amanda : What’s the most amazing thing about your job?

Anandi : I’m so passionate about helping people with sleep issues because I absolutely know it's possible to do it without prescriptions. I did it myself! I want the world to know we don't need medical drugs, we need time for ourselves, more balance and we need to BREATHE! I want to shout it from the roof tops!


Amanda : And the most challenging thing?

Anandi : Getting people to 'make the decision' to change something in their life and stick to a new routine. Change is hard for everybody, but if you do it, it will change your life forever, not just for one night.


Amanda : What’s the common sleep problem you help people with?

Anandi : Many people that I see simply can't breathe. Their breathing is shallow, they run here and there and never take time to reflect or be quiet. The short breath is the result of stress. If I can get a client to work on their breath and make small lifestyle changes, their sleep improves.


Amanda : How can hypnotherapy help with sleep?

Anandi : I use a practice called 'yoga nidra' which takes people into the hypnagogic state - a state where new intentions can be created to change lifestyle. You are beyond relaxed, almost asleep but awake. It’s deeply restorative for the mind and body. Practicing Yoga Nidra daily before bed will help unravel the stresses and strains of the day and prepare you for sleep. Anandi, the Neom Sleep Expert


Amanda : And yoga?

Anandi : Yoga releases stress from the body, which makes the body tight and affects posture. If you open the body, in particular the thoracic cavity (chamber in the chest), the breath improves enormously. The mind, heart and breath are intimately connected, it is enough to put your attention in your heart and your breath starts to lengthen. Yoga posture helps open physical energy channels, detoxify and re-energise. I could go on for hours about the benefits of yoga in connection with sleep!


Amanda : If you were to choose just one mantra to repeat each day, what would it be?

Anandi : "I am expansive and in the flow of life" (Depression and exhaustion makes you think small, you even become small. By creating a feeling of expansion, it has an amazing way of dissolving stress, releasing energy and relaxing the mind).


Amanda : Can you share an inspiring sleep quote with us?

Anandi : "Learning to make space for the breath is fundamental to health. If we can do that, we open the door to managing stress, reacting less and sleeping well" Anandi, the Neom Sleep Expert


Do you have a favourite sleep quote? Leave a comment below.

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