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60 Seconds to Start Your Day With More Energy

Posted by Amy Page 1

You start to reel off (in your mind)... all the things you should have ‘achieved’ today - schedule conference call, get shoes heeled, collect kids dress up for tomorrow and oh, “we’re still out of milk” - you say (this time out loud) - and proceed to roll your eyes, to, YOURSELF! Yep! Us too…

Enter Suzy (you will love Suzy) our resident Psychologist and generally, fantastic, go-to extraordinaire for feeling good. She gets it. So, today we called her (yes she’s on our speed dial) and said “Suzy, give us your best”. We’ll put it into a blog…

  • We know small steps can make a big difference…Pleeasse remind us
  • I call it ‘micro moments of nourishment’. Simple, tiny, bite-sized moments of nurturing are accessible, achievable and remember they are effective! Even a few seconds (can you spare some of those?) of savouring something uplifting - remember how funny your kid was at breakfast time? Or step outside the office for 60 (and that’s seconds) to breathe in and out, has the potential to change your perspective - it will cascade into a whole host of healthier, more productive choices. Soothing your nervous system with some small act of relaxation will help replenish your willpower reserves and help you make better decisions all round (yessss).

  • Can you talk us though a few ‘small steps’ we can all take to improve wellbeing? How often should we do these small steps?
  • It’s all about daily… Compassion, mantras, movement, posture, breath and scent = feeling energised, resilient, grounded, calm... I look for everyday things and turn them into rituals of self-care.

    Getting out of bed is transformed with a spritz of room spray, some shoulder rolls, mountain breaths and a mantra. It doesn’t take more than 60 seconds and I start the day with vigour. Getting ready, I choose an outfit that lifts my mood or a swoosh of lippy that I love. I finish a nappy change or turn a trip to the loo into something invigorating with Neom Body & Hand Wash.

    The working day - closing the laptop and lovingly applying my Neom Hand Balm. I relish letting the world wait as I refresh and relax even if it’s just for 5 breaths. Post run (or gentle run about the park with the kids) I use the Great Day Body Scrub to cleanse away my efforts. I feel a million bucks after that ritual and it motivates me to… keep… on… GOING... Sleep, then repeat. Mediate stress. Fill your energy bank. Not selfish nor indulgent.

  • Do you have any good mantras that are in line with ours? ‘Wellbeing - Small Steps, Big Difference.
  • ‘Even a tiny investment in my energy bank can pay big dividends.’

    Fill your energy bank. Think of it as just like a car needs petrol, we need to make sure we have enough resources (not just food) to fuel us. Get to know YOUR energy bank. When do you feel low in energy? Then act. My favourite tip for this is a 10 minute meditation or a restorative bath (yes it’s that easy). And other favs are… saying no (could be trickier for some of you, than others), stop taking your phone to bed (yes I AM really banging on about that one again!) - move a few more steps everyday - standing meeting? Stairs not the lift… I could go on, but you know the drill...

  • What Neom products makes the biggest difference to you and your family?
  • Hot Hot Hot - It’s all about the Neom Energy Burst Perfume right now. I stand tall, spritz this, drink it in and connect with an image of my best self. My whole family benefits when I take the time to nourish myself so I can be the person I aspire to be.

    My cannot-live-without - Neom Perfect Night’s Sleep Pillow Mist….Good god - how does anyone function without this?…. Helps us ALL unwind (surely you have heard before it gets nicked by the husband’s, right?). My daughter and I have a little pre-bedtime yoga ritual (it’s super-cute and kinda like yoga - watch it here) we giggle through and follow up with a few sprays on her pillow so she relaxes until sleep descends. My mantra here is sleep for sanity… anything that helps us collectively sleep better also helps us all to be more compassionate, resourceful human beings! The ultimate win win.

  • You’re a busy multi tasking mum - how do you make it work?
  • I’ve learnt the hard way what happens when we don’t take care of ourselves… energetic bankruptcy is no joke and we are no good to anyone when we wind up overwhelmed or burnt out. After that experience, I actively prioritise self-care so I can keep going and keep giving to those in my care, at home and professionally.

    I also do it for me! I work hard and deserve some rewards for my efforts. I blow guilt away by reminding myself ‘it’s not me first, it’s me as well’. I also want to role model self-care for my kids so they have the tools to nourish themselves, to better cope with the inevitable stresses of life.

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