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Meet Susan Dyson

Neom Wellbing Board

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Meet Susan Dyson

Meet Susan Dyson, Women’s Fitness Expert & Founder of HIIT GIRL

My mantra is ‘done is better than perfect’

‘Lack of time’ is a common reason for not exercising but what often seems like a barrier is actually an excuse. It usually comes down to a lack of prioritisation and basic organisation. Don’t think you need limitless reserves of willpower because you don’t. The secret is to build exercise into your existing schedule so that it becomes a habit you don’t even need to think about, ideally triggered by something you already do. For example, if you do the school run, use that as the trigger for a post drop-off workout.

The key to success is consistency. Keep turning up and amazing things will happen.

However, just as important as exercise is sufficient rest and recovery and we recommend a two week cycle of workouts every other day with a rest day in between. Week 1 would be three workouts and week 2 four workouts and then repeat the cycle.

We need to consider what works best from a physiological and practical standpoint.

The latest research points to the afternoon as being the best time to e xercise. Our core temperature increases throughout the day, so strength and endurance are at their peak in late afternoon – e xactly the time when reaction times are quickest and heart rate and blood pressure are at their lowest. Don’t worry if you’re a morning person as research has also suggested this is a good time to maximise calorie burn and increase metabolism for the rest of the day – very important if you’re trying to shed the pounds.

Our pre-workout snack is peanut butter on a slice of wholemeal bread with banana.

Eat this about an hour before and you’ll have enough fuel to get you through a good workout. After a tough session scrambled egg or omelette is the way to go (or a tasty protein shake if you’re out and about), as you’ll need to restore energy levels and rebuild muscle so a protein heavy snack is the order of the day.

Susan’s 3 Fast Fitness Fixes for 2015

#1 - Online virtual workouts on your TV or tablet. This will include live trainers who can give real feedback in your home.

#2 - Old favourites rebooted and repackaged to an audience experiencing them for the first time. Think step aerobics with a twist.

#3- More thoughtful workouts that consider yin and yang energy e.g. our tough HIIT classes balanced with Yoga and Pilates, mixed with serious skill improvement and fun, downright silly things.

By Neom Organics

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Neom Wellbeing Board

Neom Wellbeing Board

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