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Move Your Body


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Move Your Body

There is one thing that crops up when talking about releasing that tension and that’s fitness.

James Daly is a renowned personal trainer and strength & conditioning coach with over 12 years’ experience in the health and fitness. With clients that cover celebrities, professional athletes, as well as us everyday people, James is the true expert and talks through exercise and key training methods that will help you live a stress less life

James Daly's top 5 training methods for stress relief and overall health (choose one that suits you):

Weight Training - lifting weights is a really effective way of reducing stress. Pick up a barbell, dumbbell or kettlebell and perform some full body exercises. Ensure that you carry out each and every exercise with the right technique.

HIIT - High Intensity Interval Training is fast paced/high impact and fantastic for blowing away stress. Research has shown that small bursts of training (such as HIIT) can be more productive and effective than long drawn out training sessions. HIIT can be performed by sprinting, skipping, boxing, cycling or taking part in any other cardiovascular exercise that rapidly increases your heart rate, for a very short period of time. Try 'Tabata' which is a proven and effective form of HIIT. Choose one of the suggested exercises and give it a 20 second blast followed by 10 seconds complete rest. Repeat this 8 times in total. Don't hold back! Phew!

Flexibility & Mobility - Improving your flexibility and staying supple is good for mind, body and soul. Give yoga or swimming a shot. Slower paced stretching exercises are a really great addition to your training regime.

Bodyweight Exercises - We can all learn to master our bodyweight. Planks, press ups, pull ups, squats, lunges and bridges are just a selection of amazing bodyweight exercises. When performed correctly bodyweight training can improve your overall strength and conditioning. And you can do this at home too.

Mindful Meditation - Last but not least is this popular form of meditation that encourages one to be aware and present in the 'now'. Many people find that mindful-meditation can help reduce the external "noise" and negative thoughts which plague our minds. If you struggle 'switching off' and carry stress then you may find this method particularly beneficial.

For more stress busting healthy lifestyle tips and exercise advice you can Follow James on Twitter: @TEAMJDPT or visit www.jamesdaly.co.uk


Please consult your GP before taking part in any physical activity. Seek advice from a fitness professional to ensure that all exercises are performed safely and carried out effectively.

By Neom Organics

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