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Neom Idol: Poppy Delevingne


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Neom Idol: Poppy Delevingne

From London to LA to Sydney, English model Poppy Delevingne has a hectic schedule switching from time-zone to time-zone, so who better to ask for tension-relieving tips? Poppy talks wearing clothes that make you happy, learning to meditate and spending time in the country…

Our latest campaign is all about taking time to de-stress – what techniques do you use to de-stress?

For me, de-stressing is a lot about burning energy, so something like Soul Cycle is perfect for me. When my heart races I feel like stress just melts away. But at the end of the day, you can never beat a long bath and an even longer sleep... Neom's irresistible scent of Tranquillity; it’s full of powerful essential oils that really do make me feel utterly relaxed and calm.

When life is so hectic, how important to you are relationships with family and friends?  

Family and friends are so vital, to keep your feet on the ground and to keep you smiling. They mean the world to me.

You travel a lot, so do you have any secret remedies, beauty or health rituals to banish any tiredness, help you sleep or perk you up?

I love vitamins, and I take them religiously to keep me healthy, especially when I spend so much time on a plane. Vitamin C is key! Then little things, like delicious smelling hand creams and eye masks that just make the tired days that much easier.

We love your laidback chic style – what style lessons can you pass on?

Just to wear things that make you happy and keep you feeling confident. I have a pair of Sass & Bide boyfriend jeans that I'm finding hard to take off at the moment. Sometimes I just want to sleep in them.

How do you keep fit in body and mind?

I'm trying to learn how to meditate, which I'm really struggling with but hopefully I'll get there in the end. My brain never stops, but I'm trying to teach it to slow down in quieter times. I read constantly, and am a total self-confessed bookworm. And I love to work out, and dance like a mad thing. I never really stop moving.

What is your favourite Neom scent?

Ooh, am I allowed two? The lavender and jasmine with Brazilian rosewood (Real Luxury) or the Moroccan blush rose (Complete Bliss). Both equally as beautiful as each other.

If you took some time out for a treatment at a spa what would be your first pick?

A foot massage. I go bonkers for feet. Heaven.

If you had a weekend free how would you spend it?

With my future husband at our home in the country. I'm at my happiest when I'm there.

By Neom Organics

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