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Simple Life Lessons For Busy Women


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Simple Life Lessons For Busy Women

I believe being kind to oneself is an essential wellbeing need, not a luxury

If your energy is good, collected, positive, it transfers to your loved ones and friends – unless we’re in good shape ourselves, it can prove near impossible to look after others. It has, however, taken me time to realise and act on this – but now I factor recuperative and essential wellbeing time into my everyday life.

Me time is not indulgent, it’s essential

It’s so easy to feel guilty about taking some time – particularly if you’ve promised to send an urgent email or wash the kids’ gym kit. But gaining perspective is always important. Things rarely need to be done immediately. Better to get yourself in a good, strong headspace first, and then you can approach all that needs to be done calmly and efficiently.

I fit all of my exercise around my work and family life

I swim on my lunch hour, or practice yoga in my living room (when my children are in bed). I always use Neom’s Scent to Boost Your Energy before my weekday workouts, to give me a natural lift and maximise my performance. I also love pre-supper runs (great for clearing my head), and long fresh-air walks with the family at the weekends.

Life is super hectic at times, but I’m still in control

I am the one who drops our two little ones at school, so I am there every morning and I only travel now if really necessary. Weekends are for family time.

Make time for food that fuels your body and feeds your mood

Breakfast is a blueberry and banana smoothie from my Deliciously Ella app (banana, blueberries, chia and flax seeds, oats, dates and almond butter) or if I have more time, I will do poached egg and avocado on toasted rye bread (Abel & Cole is a bit of a saviour when it comes to delivering my staples).

I have only one mantra – be kind to everyone, yourself included.

By Nicola Elliott

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