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Time off and time out

Posted by Paul Page 1

Time off and time out – but do we always feel relaxed over the festive holidays? Probably not.

Enter…. Our fabulous Neom Wellbeing Board! They are always bursting with top tips and expertise from mindfulness to nutrition. We had a cosy chat with them to get 5 simple tips that will make a big difference, to give you a boost over the festive period so you can enjoy this time without burning out. That all live up to the NEOM mantra of small steps, big difference.

Here’s what Emma Mills (Neom Mindfulness Expert), Suzy Reading (Neom Psychologist), Kelly Morgan (Neom Wellbeing Expert) and Anandi (Neom Sleep Expert) have hand picked as their tried and tested festive tips...

  1. Surrender

    Sounds easy, but, it works says Emma Mills. Surrender to what happens. Trying to make life go a certain way can be a little stressful. So try to be flexible with Christmas. Take time for self care - long baths, creativity, cooking, reading or simply chilling out to watch a good film...
  2. Enjoy yourself

    If you are going to indulge… savour it, says Suzy Reading. This is my all-time favourite festive tip. If you are going to eat that pudding, nibble on that shortbread, crack open that bubbly, dig into that roast…. ENJOY IT! Savour every last little bit of enjoyment. Don’t fritter it away with guilt. Don’t waste it by thinking you shouldn’t be doing it. Don’t miss out on the joy by failing to give it your full attention.
  3. Keep Moving

    Suzy Reading says - keep moving. Quite often the festive season wreaks havoc with our usual patterns of movement… long meals, time on the sofa and very full tummies. Enjoy socialising and family time; it would be a crime not to enjoy the delights of seasonal rituals, but just keep moving. Even 5 mins of stretching, a walk around the block or why not move for fun and have a boogie at home. Keeping moving boosts your mood and resilience to stress.
  4. Pick your parties

    Kelly Morgan says: The festive season is full of invites, but don’t burn out. Simply pick the ones that you would really enjoy and go all out!
    Why not replace one TV session with another activity with friends & family – like a long walk – or create your own home spa hour with friends?
  5. Fuel your body to nod off

    Christmas is a wonderful time where we catch up with friends and family says Anandi. It usually involves eating more rich foods than usual! Go for it, but one thing you can do to keep your digestive system on track is to eat a piece of fresh ginger (no not the one wrapped in chocolate) in the evening which will help with the digestion (digestive system is at it's lowest in the evening) and a full stomach will most definitely keep you awake.

Read more about who the wellbeing board are here.

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