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Amanda Byram: Feeling powerful is about a healthy body and mind

Posted by Amy Page 1

From co-hosting The Big Breakfast in the 90’s to taking Hollywood by storm, Amanda Byram has had an impressive career. More than that though, she is an advocate of healthy, balanced living whilst travelling the world.

We chatted with Amanda about how she learnt to feel empowered by being strong, not skinny...

  • You live a hectic life, at home, at work, socially...it's all go! When do you feel most powerful?
  • I feel at my most powerful when i feel strong in my body. For years I wanted to be skinny and I went to any length to get that. I toyed with every diet imaginable from my teens into my 30s and suffered from body image issues. When I reached my late 30s and was approaching 40 I knew something had to change. So I turned it around, started learning about nutrition and proper weight training, and now I feel empowered by being strong not skinny and truly healthy. And most importantly with that comes a healthy mind. Without that we cannot have a healthy body.
  • What does powerful mean to you?
  • To me, being powerful means being confident. It means being content with yourself and your ability to do anything you set your mind to. Goal setting is important, because we truly can achieve anything we set our minds to. Powerful means you can take on the world with your mind, soul and body.
  • Who is your powerful inspiration?
  • My sister Natasha. She has 4 kids which isn't unusual. But her youngest has Down's syndrome and amongst the school runs and sports and art camps and daily activities she makes sure they all do, she campaigns for the rights of children with Down's syndrome in ireland bringing awareness to the condition.
  • Share with us your most powerful moment, and a photo from it, if you have one!
  • I posed naked for women's health magazine when I turned 40. I've never been one for lads mags or racy shoots, so at first I hesitated but when I found out how athletic and tasteful it would be, and that it was to promote my favourite saying "Strong Not Skinny" I jumped at the chance! It was an empowering shoot and spreading the message to women who are literally dying to be thin was so rewarding, having young women suffering with eating disorders sending messages that it made them want to get well again.
  • If you could give readers 3 quick tips to help them feel powerful and full of energy what would they be?
  • Stress less, Sleep more, Believe in yourself

Rapid Fire:

  • Go to energy boosting food?
  • Oatmeal
  • Best feel good book/movie or song?
  • It's a wonderful life or elf!
  • Best 4pm slump cure?
  • Eating the right food between 7am and 3:59pm! It's easy to prevent the slump by avoiding caffeine (ironically) and eating enough good carbs. Feeding your body the right food and avoiding too many stimulants is key

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