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Arrive at Work Energised, Then go go go!

Posted by Paul Page 1

It’s that time…..warmer summer nights (dreamy). Cue after-work party nights - (but still busy office days). Enter the energy squad (aka our fab wellbeing experts) who we asked to give us 6 quick (and pretty much instant) energy boosting ‘what-to-do’s’ to help keep you on track for busy office days and long summer nights...

For when you have that long day ahead, followed by a post-work, summer-esque supper (ok and a few glasses of Prosecco or a G&T) - it seems to be that time of year doesn’t it? So, here’s how to top up your morning energy cup, re-energise your commute, then spritz, kick ass, repeat.

Wake Up Your Gut

Not only will a mug of hot water, fresh ginger and lemon help your body clear itself, it will also boost metabolism – an energy kick from within. Plus it also boosts immune system, detoxifies and aids digestion.

Power Shower

Just 60 seconds under a cold spray can boost blood flow and oxygen levels  (ouch, but think about that energy boost) – which amps up energy levels too. Apply a full pipette of Neom Energy Burst Bath & Shower Drops to your décolletage beforehand, for the ultimate wake-up call. Raring to go.

Mindfulness Matters

For moments whenever you need it most - tube riders and bus goer friendly. Take out your mini Nourish, Breathe & Energise hand balm and warm in the palm of your hands before massaging in. Cup your hands around your nose and mouth. Take a bit of time to breathe in for seven seconds and out for eleven seconds whilst you’re on the move - for just a few minutes can help you feel calm and in control - ideal when you need to maintain your natural energy.

Straighten Up

However you're moving, you’re probably sitting. Sit up straight with your shoulders back, eyes ahead and lower back slightly arched, to resist feeling fatigued and boost your self confidence.

Lunch Time - Go Outside

Leave your phone on your desk. Step outside into the fresh air for an invigorating wake-up call to boost your endorphins, which in turn can increase your energy.

Wine O'clock

Pure natural energy, there’s nothing better but sometimes we all need a little extra help to invigorate the body and sharpen the mind - especially for late party nights. Cue Energy Burst. A favourite here in the office. Spritz...here…..there…..everywhere - breathe. You’re good to go. The fizz is flowing.

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