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How the Boom Cycle Queen unlocks her most powerful self

Posted by Paul Page 1

This week we have caught up with the fitness supreme, boom cycle queen and lifestyle blogger to talk energy and when she feels most powerful.

Muireann, also known as Bangs is the Fitness Editor at ELLE Magazine, Head Instructor at BOOM Cycle and CEO of a life played out through sweat and smiles.

So whether it’s through words she shares online, or inspiring a room full of people to channel their very best selves on a spin bike, Muireann is most certainly all about small steps making a big difference!

  • You live a hectic life, at home, at work, socially...it's all go! When do you feel most powerful?
  • I definitely feel at my most powerful when I’m on the bike, teaching spin. It’s raw and primal. You’re vulnerable and in control all at once. A room full of people have trusted you to guide them and push them to their physical peak for 45 minutes. It’s an honour to be able to do that and it’s definitely when I feel at my most powerful.
  • What does powerful mean to you? Is it in the gym? Is it as a parent? Is it in your group of friends?
  • Being powerful to me first and foremost means having a great understanding of and relationship with myself. It’s important to understand yourself with all your flaws and shortcomings, greatness and swagger, so you can really harness the fullness of your power. So being able to be comfortable in solitude and enjoy that is where I’m able to recharge, reassess and then know that I’m able to offer my best self to the world in whatever situation I find myself.
  • Who is your powerful inspiration?
  • Diana Nyad is an incredible woman. At age 64, she became the first person to swim from Cuba to Florida without the aid of a shark cage. She had tried and failed this numerous times before finally achieving it in 2013. I find her resolute determination in the face of insane obstacles, multiple failures and the odds being completely against her to be incredibly powerful. Also, I hope I can be even half that badass when I’m 64!
  • Share with us your most powerful moment, and a photo from it, if you have one!
  • Earlier this year, I went to a circus day where you learn how to juggle and walk a tightrope, among other things. That day I tried out trapeze. I’ve always loved watching trapeze artists. I’m not particularly scared of heights, but standing up on that platform, waiting to jump off and swing through the air, despite knowing you’re completely safe (you’re wearing a harness, the ground beneath you is like falling onto a giant air mattress), I was suddenly very scared. But I hate the feeling of regret. If I’d walked away without trying, I’d never know what it felt like. It felt so powerful to feel that fear as I leapt off the platform and felt my body fly freely through the air.

    Pushing through fear, doubt and hesitation to get to the moment you want is super powerful.
  • If you could give readers 3 quick tips to help them feel powerful and full of energy what would they be?
  • Don’t be scared of solitude - learn who you are in your quiet moments. Stop saying sorry - as women, we start so many sentences with ‘Sorry…’ You have a right to be in the conversation, you have a right to be in the space you're in. Stop apologising for existing and having a voice. Exercise - feeling connected to the raw, primal power of what your body can do will remind you how truly limitless you are.

Rapid Fire:

  • Go to energy boosting food?
  • Raisins!
  • Best feel good book/movie or song?
  • If we’re going for a seasonal choice, ‘It’s a Wonderful Life’ gives me the warm and fuzzies every time. I also love to watch episodes of Seinfeld - always a guaranteed giggle. And song wise, Got to Be Real by Cheryl Lynn will have me reporting to the nearest dance floor immediately.
  • Best 4pm slump cure?
  • Go outside for a walk - fresh air is free!

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