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Could This Woman Make You Happier In One Day?

Posted by Nicki Page 1

Following the HUGE success of our first EVER 28 day Neom Happiness Programme, (find out more here), we’re all about finding even more do-able daily activities to seriously improve our positivity...


Whilst having a good tidy up doesn’t necessarily come top of our ‘favourite jobs for the weekend’ list, we were surprised to hear about research from the University of California which claims that women who describe their home environment as ‘chaotic’ or ‘messy’ had higher levels of the stress hormone cortisol. We decided it was time to call in the de-cluttering expert, Vicky Silverthorn, to discover why people are turning to the professionals for help and how going clutter-free doesn’t have to take over your life...

So Vicky, what’s the definition of a professional organiser?

A professional organiser de-clutters and organises someone’s physical space within the home. I spend my days working on various areas of the home creating order, calm and a practical, friendly level of organisation for my clients.

Why do you think some people need external help?

Because it all becomes overwhelming. We see this clutter around us every day and in our minds it becomes an enormous task and one that people think they need to do in one go.

Who should consider getting a professional in?

Anyone who sees true value in spending money on something that can give them head space, clarity in their home and a greater sense of wellbeing.

Do you have any other ways to make the most of your living space?

Don’t buy unnecessary storage - work out what you actually need. Quirky storage can sometimes hinder your home more than help, so look at your furniture as well as your belongings. Remember we fill whatever furniture we have so take a piece away and not only are you creating more space within the home but less to fill!

And in the work place?

Keep your systems simple. For me, it’s two piles – an action pile and a pile to file. That’s it.

Still need convincing? One of Vicky’s clients couldn’t wait to tell us what a difference she made when Vicky was let loose in her home…

“After having our little girl, the house that used to be a crash pad for evenings and weekends was now somewhere I was spending most of my days and the chaos that we could ignore before was frustrating. Any free time I had was dedicated to cooking and cleaning and I felt I needed someone to help me to reset things. I’d heard about Vicky from an ex-colleague and I was absolutely convinced she was what I needed so instead of any Christmas presents (more stuff!) I asked for a session with Vicky.

The whole experience helped me focus on what I wanted to keep, not what I wanted to throw away, it’s an easier and positive experience.

Since putting her systems in place my day runs much more effectively as I’m not faced with a cluttered kitchen every morning. It does take more than a day to do a whole house but getting key areas sorted can help unlock everything else - plus Vicky has been so supportive and will always give you that boost if you need it via call or text!”

Let us know if you think a professional declutterer could help bring some balance back into your life in the comments below. 

For more information on Vicky’s services go to youneedavicky.com and pre-order Vicky's first book 'Start With Your Sock Drawer: The Simple Guide to Living a Less Cluttered Life' right here.

Tidy kitchen: Katarzyna Bialasiewicz

Storage boxes: Anika Salsera

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