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Dani Watson's Perfect Day

Posted by Emma Page 1

Neom chats to Dani Watson founder of female networking site “We are The Clique” about her ‘perfect day’

  • You live a hectic life, at home, at work, socially...it's all go! When do you feel most powerful?
  • Work is when I feel most powerful. I'm a business coach and for me, working with women to help them achieve their life and business goals lights me up and makes me feel like I'm doing what I am meant to do. There is nothing more rewarding than helping women get out of their own way to go all in on their dreams and ambitions.

  • What does powerful mean to you? Is it in the gym? Is it as a parent? Is it in your group of friends?
  • Powerful for me means being able to live to your own rules and being your most authentic self.

  • Who is your powerful inspiration?
  • My powerful inspiration is my business bestie Reese, founder of Yes Supply. Starting out as an entrepreneur, I realised just how important it was to surround yourself with women who get it. Seeing what she achieved in her business and empowering her tribe is so inspiring and helps keep me motivated.

  • Share with us your most powerful moment.
  • This powerful moment is from when I'd first realised I'd lived out my 'perfect day'. it was my first experience of being able to travel whilst taking my work with me, something that was always my priority when I started my own business. I'd just spent the morning chatting with clients via skype before taking the afternoon off to do yoga and explore Thailand. My philosophy is very much about creating a life you don't need a vacation from so being able to finally practice what I preach was a pretty powerful feeling!

  • If you could give readers 3 quick tips to help them feel powerful and full of energy what would they be?
  • 1. Get up early and start your day with intention - meditate and journal first thing. It sets you up for an amazing day.

    2. Surround yourself with people who you aspire to be like and who keep you motivated. Their power will rub off on you.

    3. Find a form of exercise you enjoy. For me it's yoga. If ever I feel sluggish I know a session of hot yoga will give me the kick I need.

Quick Fire:

  • Go to energy boosting food?
  • Bounce balls and a matcha latte.
  • Best feel good book/movie or song?
  • I'm obsessed with Law of Attraction and try and implement this into my daily life. I love "You are a badass" by Jen Sincero, a book that is all about your thoughts creating your reality and how if you are clear on what you want and believe you can have it, the Universe will provide for you.
  • Best 4pm slump cure?
  • Caffeine, although if it’s a Friday, I prefer my coffee in a martini.

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