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Your Feel Good Festive Checklist

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Ditch the diet

1. Ditch the diet

At Christmas it’s hard to avoid excess, so don’t count the calories. It’s one less thing to think about! “I acknowledge that it’s a short, finite period and give myself permission to deviate from my normal health and fitness routine,” admits Suzy Reading, Neom’s Psychologist. “Then I truly savour every indulgence and don’t give myself grief about it. Instead I focus on the extra time it gives me to spend with loved ones, nourishing relationships and boosting feelings of connection.”

2. Write lists

Even if you hate to-do lists, at this time of year they can really keep you sane. Write them on the notes section of your phone or in the back of your diary – just somewhere that you’ll have instant access to at every occasion. Christmas card list, supermarket essentials, people you need to buy for (and the gift itself) – as soon as you think of something, add it on. That way, you won’t find yourself racking your brains when you’re sticking stamps on envelopes trying to remember if you’ve sent a card to all your second cousins!

3. Think about your drink

Fizz for breakfast, wine for lunch and cocktails in the evening, there’s alcohol waiting to be sipped at every seasonal activity! Make sure you stay hydrated between times, avoid mixing your drinks as much as possible and if you are investing in wine, make it organic. With no additives or sulphites, it’s not only better for your insides; rumour has it that the purity of the grapes means a reduced chance of that ‘morning after’ grogginess!

4. Pick your Christmas commitment…

… and stick to it. Instead of rushing here, there and everywhere to get the dinner, decorations and parties all perfected, just pick one thing and seriously go to town on it. Whether it’s the most incredible Christmas tree or a festive cocktail like no other, we’re fans of having one holiday tradition absolutely nailed instead of panicking over 100 different to-do lists.

Ready wrapped presents

5. Buy ready-wrapped presents

There are so many gorgeous gift sets on offer – from tree decorations and crackers to box sets decorated with tags, bows and all the trimmings, it means you don’t have to stay up late knee deep in wrapping paper and tape. Lots of stores (including Neom’s Wimbledon shop!) even offer complementary gift-wrapping services so hand the responsibility over to the pros! It will save you time, money and stress!

6. Remember Black Friday

One day, (this year it falls on Friday 27th November), stores, online shops and shopping centres slash the prices of their predicted bestsellers, stay open late and offer free shipping so you can get on top of your Christmas shopping. If you know what you want to buy in advance, it’s worth adding the date to your diary now. Watch this space for amazing Neom offers too…

Make it magical

7. Make it magical

At no other time of year is everyone in such jovial spirits so follow the ‘merry and bright’ mantra. “Expectations are always projections of the future but live in the moment,” says Emma Mills, Neom’s Mindfulness Expert. “Putting on soft new socks, drinking hot chocolate, going for a cosy winter walk, meditating outside in the snow, dressing up for parties and sleeping on the sofa – it’s so romantic and a wonderful time to spend time relaxing with loved ones.”

8. Exercise on the go

Shopping is one of the biggest calorie burners on the block so you needn’t worry if you miss a workout. Up the ante by keeping your feet hip width apart when you’re waiting in queues and lift and lower yourself onto your tip-toes. Not only will it stretch out aching soles, it will help tone your calves. Keep your Essential Energy Boosting Kit on standby in your handbag.

If you've got some festive feel-good tips of your own, comment below or head over to our social pages using #FeelGoodChristmas www.facebook.com or www.twitter.com. 

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