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Happy, Healthy Kitchen Gadgets

Posted by Amanda Page 1

2 weeks to holiday - Bikini? Check. Gladiator sandals? Check. Beach ready? Of course! We’ve been trialling swanky new kitchen gadgets for the happiest, healthiest kitchen.

Kate Morrell – Marketing Hemsley and Hemsley Spiralizer

I was really excited when I was given the Hemsley and Hemsley Spiralizer to test as I’ve wanted one for ages and have seen amazing pictures of healthy alternatives to some of my favourite dishes.

I chose to make ‘courgetti’ using the noodle blade (there’s a few to choose from!) which was really easy to pop into place. I served it as you would a bed of pasta with the Hemsley + Hemsley beef ragu, which was yummy. I really didn’t miss pasta and thought the courgette was a far nicer alternative and totally carb free!

I’ve tried lots of other little gadgets in the past hoping for the same effect, but have failed miserably! The Spiralizer made it so simple and quick - I wonder why I‘ve been messing about with rubbish kitchen equipment for so long!

Score: 9.5 / 10 I loved this and it will definitely become a permanent fixture in my kitchen.



Hopps & Woolf Milk Maker Milk Maker
Megan Hartley – Marketing

I’ve never used a kitchen gadget like this before so I was a bit unsure how it worked and I did expect it to be a bit of a faff. I made almond milk first and honestly, it couldn’t have been simpler. It was super easy to use and took no time at all – tasted great too! I was really surprised that you only need a few almonds to make lot of milk. It seemed pretty cost effective and I think it’d be great for families.

You can also use the Milk Maker for soup. Again, it worked really well and apart from having to boil the veg first, you didn’t need any other equipment. It was easy to clean - the only downside is the size of the machine.

Score: 7 / 10 I’d definitely recommend the Milk Maker to friends and think it’s a great addition to my kitchen! 



Amy Whyte - Customer Coordinator Nutribullet

I’m big on healthy eating so couldn’t wait to try the amazing Nutribullet I’d heard so much about. It came with a recipe book which was helpful - I was a bit stuck for ideas at first and this provided tonnes of inspiration to get me started! I couldn’t believe how quick and simple it was to use, especially compared to other blenders that I’d tried in the past and cleaning couldn’t have been easier (which is sometimes part of the battle!). It’s ideal for healthy on-the-go breakfasts so I blitzed up smoothies the night before and grab it on my way out the door.

I think it’s great for families as you can make lots of different recipes that appeal to everyone. Totally fuss free too and it’s a fab way to squeeze a little extra goodness into your diet.

Score: 10 / 10 Have recommended it to all my friends and family – couldn’t be without it!



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Susan Hough

posted on 14 Jan 2016 09:49:31
So glad to have found this range.
A BIG sea change in my life requires support, calmness and healthy inspiration.
And I've found it.
Have dipped my toe in with a luxury reed diffuser and can't wait for delivery as the scent that has been so highly praised and recommended. Will probably be back for a 3 wick candle too.................

Note from Neom:

That's really lovely to hear Susan, we'd love to hear how you're getting on and we're always more than happy to make recommendations. Our blends are created to help aid sleep, ease stress, boost energy or lift your mood, so there's a fragrance for every wellbeing need. Real Luxury is our hero stress-easer, as it's packed with 24 essential oils specially selected to help soothe and calm the mind and body.

Please do stay in touch and let us know if we can help in any other way!

Very best,
Neom x

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