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Redefining Resolutions... A Happier, Healthier 2016

Posted by Nicola Page 1

Resolutions are so last year! For me, 2016 is all about embracing new experiences and seizing every opportunity. No regrets, no resolving and certainly no fad diets or gruelling exercise regimes that are impossible to stick to. Here’s my 2016 to-do’s - how much better does that sound anyway!

Give out good vibes
Neom founder, Nicola’s New Year mantras

Making others feel good has a euphoric knock-on effect, which is why I intend to do something every day that will give my friends and family a spring in their step. A heartfelt compliment, quick phone call or home-cooked dinner, they’re small things with a big impact.


Adore the outdoors

It sounds cliché but the wind in your hair and a lung full of fresh air is the ultimate reset button. I’m making it my mission to get outside as much as I can, whatever the weather and my little westie, Harry, is the perfect excuse for a stroll. Plus it’s the best way to swap brain fog for a moment of mindfulness and I'll pop a Mood Lifting On The Go Mist in my bag to keep me motivated!


Get clever in the kitchen

Right now I’m flitting between Joe Wicks’ Lean in 15 and Amelia Freer’s Cook. Nourish. Glow new recipe books. Both are full of good-for-you foodie inspiration if you’re stuck on where to start and proof that eating clean doesn’t have to be dull.


Take five

300 seconds out of 24 hours is nothing so that’s how much time I’ll be dedicating to myself on a daily basis. Whether it’s ignoring the bright lights of my computer screen in favour of a chat with colleagues about last night’s TV or treating myself to a frothy coffee, taking time for yourself doesn’t have to mean an hour-long pampering session (although that’s quite nice, too)!


Breathe deeper

Neom Happiness™ Range

We conducted an independent trial that revealed 92% of you felt more uplifted and in a better mood when on the Neom Happy Programme, our specially created trial using our mood-boosting Scent to Make You Happy™ range, a blend of white mimosa, neroli and lemon. Bliss.


As part of the programme we encourage the 7/11 breathing technique, which can be a little tricky to master at first but I swear by it for ‘switching up’ my relaxation response. When coupled with our uplifting fragrance, its the perfect way to maximise and intensify the powerful benefits from this technique.


Be happy

I pride myself on being an optimist so the new Neom Happiness Programme, launching in early Feb, is getting me super excited. A collection of simple steps and tips designed to give you a daily mood boost and lift your spirits in just 28 days. Follow and complete the special Happiness Handbook over the month and see your happiness levels soar. Then tell us all about it via Facebook, Twitter or Instagram @neomorganics.

Here’s to a happy, healthy New Year.


Nicola x


What are your 2016 to-do's? Let us know below! 

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posted on 14 Jan 2016 09:40:24
Oh that is such great news about the Neom Happiness Programme! Will it be available for download or will it be a book? I live in Canada, so I am really hoping I will be able to get it. I cannot order a few things from here because of shipping restrictions. We do have a Neom stockist in Canada, but they only carry a few of your products.

Note from Neom:

Hi Andra,

That's great to hear! We're excited about the programme too. Yes it will be available to download as well.

Very best,
Neom x

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