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How to Have Your Happiest Holiday Ever

Posted by Claudia Page 1

We all want a holiday at some point – something to look forward to and an opportunity to reset, relax and recharge those batteries. Often, the thought of knowing when and where to go can be a mind-boggling mission alone. That’s why we’ve enlisted the help of Healing Holidays, experts in how to make booking your next break away simple and stress-free. Hurrah!


Pinpoint exactly what you want before you even start searching for your dream getaway. It’s easy to get distracted by glossy brochures and online deals but that can spiral into a whirlwind of confusion. Instead look at the deciding factors that will sway one holiday over another. Is cost your main concern? How you want to feel after your getaway – rested can mean a totally different experience to rejuvenated? Is the location of the accommodation important? Do you prefer catered or self-catering? Make a list of your ideals and stick to them, that way you won’t get swayed by anyone or anything else you see.


Don’t leave it to the last minute. Some of us thrive on deadlines and late deals but if this is your only holiday of the year, make time to enjoy the process. You want it to be fun and feel-good, not panicked and against the clock. This way you’ll avoid rash decisions and give yourself time to gear up to the holiday so you can factor in going shopping for that all important holiday wardrobe or choosing your new beach reads! Both absolute essentials!


Handing over the holiday reins to someone else is ok. Whether it’s your other half or a company that will tailor-make your holiday from lift off to set down, delegate some of your holiday decisions. That way there will be an element of surprise left in it for you. Some programmes and retreats can be pretty overwhelming with everything they offer so give your able advisors a good brief and let them come back to you with suggestions. Easy breezy!


Start switching off before you get there. How many times have you been on holiday and it takes the first few days to really settle into that relaxed vibe then before you know it, you’re back to reality? If you know you struggle why not choose an anti-digital detox retreat where phones and wifi are restricted. Or, if you’re keen to try new things but are worried about getting side tracked when you arrive, book treatments, courses and experiences in advance. It will stop any stress when it comes to decision-making once you’re in your new environment.


Find a balance. Planning a morning to evening activity schedule is all well and good but if you feel like doing nothing at all (even though there’s a bumper guide of ‘things to do’ next to your bed), indulge in ignoring it. Plus you can always add to an empty schedule. Leave your diary on your desk and you might even find you have time to write that postcard you promised you’d send to your sibling.


Want a starter for ten? These Healing Holiday retreats tick all the right respite boxes…

All action options: Kamalaya Wellness Sanctuary, EPIC Sana, Absolute Sanctuary, Neeleshwar Hermitage

Seriously serene spas: Golden Door, Six Senses Zighy Bay, Borgo Egnazia

Relaxation retreats: Vana, Parkhotel Igls, SHA Wellness Clinic, Ayurveda Resort Sonnhof


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