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Are You Happiness Training Yet?

Posted by Amanda Page 1

Can you train your way to happiness? The hottest new study by medical professionals at the Mayo Clinic says you can. Ditch the dreams for wealth and success and choose a 10-week programme to rewire your brain.

The study shows that happiness is determined not by what’s in our life (or not in it) but how resilient we are at dodging life’s curve balls. Happy people are really great at dividing their life into sections and not letting the boundaries blur.

40-50% of our happiness depends on the choices we make and where our focus lies each day. The researchers say “If you lead your life always waiting for a great thing to happen, you will be unhappy”

The biggest road block to being happy is too much thinking about one’s self

The new book ‘The Mayo Clinic Handbook for Happiness: A Four-Step Plan for Resilient Living’ guides the reader through a journey to retrain the brain. Human minds are hard-wired to focus on negative experiences - Dr Amit Sood says “Happiness is a habit. Some of us are born with it; others have to choose it.”

Will this catastrophe that’s causing you so much stress matter 5 years from now? If it won’t, then it’s not worth so much time. Spin your perspective on life.

The 4 Step Plan focuses on key principles:

  1. 1. Reclaiming power over your thoughts and training your attention to shift your perspective

  • 2. Cultivating emotional resilience and building inner emotional strength (by focusing on a different positive emotion each day including compassion, gratitude and acceptance)
  • 3. Beginning a practice for the mind and body such as meditation and mindful breathing
  • 4. Choosing to make concrete lifestyle changes
  • Interestingly, the study revealed the biggest road block to being happy is ‘too much thinking about one’s self’…


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    Set Descending Direction

    Christine Dodd

    posted on 14 Jan 2016 09:41:30
    I love Neom candles and like to burn one when I'm ironing. Unusually I like ironing as it brings order and calm to my life and makes me happy.

    Note from Neom:

    Hi Christine,

    Thanks so much for your lovely comment! We love hearing how people use Neom in their lives.

    Very best,
    Neom x

    Lisa Dillon

    posted on 29 Aug 2015 17:26:53
    Fantastic, and love the Happiness product range just experienced in your Wimbledon store. After leaving had two big smiles from passers by and an unexpected bench side chat with a stranger. When we are happy we attract happiness. Smelling nice helps too :)

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