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Hottest Wellbeing Picks

Posted by Faye Page 1

The coolest summer wellbeing inspiration to help you achieve balance in every area of your life. From paddle-board yoga to super power green tea, we have it covered...



Nothing motivates you to move more than giving your workout wardrobe a little makeover. This month we’re loving Wellicious, an eco-friendly activewear brand that will add personality and a little attitude to your gym threads. Wellicious

Collections made from organic and natural materials are designed especially for yoga & meditation, ballet & dance, track and field or just plain lounging around.

There’s something for every active appetite (tip - they offer maternity and men's gymwear too), and, we heard a rumour that they’re holding workouts on the rooftop of Gallerie Lafayette in Paris all summer!


Credits: Photographer Karen Yeomans, clothing Wellicious, model Lisa Moore


SUP Yoga

Swap hot yoga for a session on a paddleboard. Why is it so popular? 1. SUP (stand-up paddleboard) yoga is tougher - balancing on an unstable platform engages more core muscles. SUP Yoga 2. It helps perfect your technique - practice downward dog with all your weight at one end of the board and you’ll sink. 3. SUP yoga is more calming - floating can help rid tension and heaviness from your body. 4. You focus on the breath - tuning into the natural rhythm of the ocean helps steady breathing. 5. It makes you feel empowered - you let go of fear, plus the adrenaline keeps you focussed and motivated. 6. SUP yoga is more challenging - When your board is your mat, there’s little room for error plus you’ll learn to get back up each time you fall (a lesson you can apply to other areas of life too).

Feel inspired?

SUPfit - Brighton BN42 4QD

SUPYoga Brighton

Shine Yoga - Cornwall


Matcha On The Go

Feeling inspired by last month’s energy challenge, we’ve been adding green tea to our smoothies, and it’s amazing! Teapigs call it the superhero of teas - a concentrated green tea powder that’s loaded with nutrients and antioxidants to flush out toxins. The leaves are grown in Nishio, Japan and then dried and ground into a fine powder - Buddhist monks have been drinking it for over 900 years! This set is ideal for fuelling with matcha if you’re short on time. Just add ½ teaspoon of powder to water, juice, smoothies or shakes and enjoy!

£36.50 inc. 1 x 30g tin of matcha green tea powder and 1 x 0.5L refillable water bottle.



Have you tried paddle boarding? Tell us using #NeomWellbeing or leave a comment below

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