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Lazy Girl’s Guide to Xmas

Posted by Nicola Elliott Page 1

I'm crazy busy right now. Who isn't? This week alone I've got two nativities, two parent night's out, my works Xmas do, a Christmas Choir recital outside M&S for my son and a last minute dash to buy him a turkey hat (don't ask) for the aforementioned.

Black Friday is giving me anxiety sweats and annoyingly organised friends have started ordering their party food for Xmas eve delivery! Whaaaat!? So. I have crafted some rules that champion doing less, but with more impact, this Christmas...

  1. Do one thing well. Each year I perfect one brilliant Xmas cocktail. This year is called a ' Snowflake' - 1oz gin ½oz lemon juice, dash of sugar and fresh egg white decorated with edible glitter. It will wow everyone for sure, but it most importantly, it will make them forgive me for my lack of effort elsewhere. Deflection, perfected....

  2. Host Christmas dinner at your house, but farm out the cooking. A stroke of genius... I ask my parents to bring a (cooked) turkey, my sister to provide some (good quality) wines, my in laws to bring (hard to make) sauces, friends the cheese (from a shop 5 miles away), which leaves me with a couple of veg and most importantly, still, all the credit.

  3. Impromptu night away for NYE. If you're not fussy about the location (we frame this as part of the adventure obvs), trips are half the price on lastminute.com by Dec 30th and non of the hassle of babysitters, outfits, taxis home, no stress.

  4. Book actual night's in with yourself - in your diary. Call me a miser but I can do about 3 parties in a Xmas season absolute max. Nothing beats slippers, box sets, long baths, early nights with clean sheets and great books...

Small changes at Christmas that I think make a big difference to seasonal stress levels. Love you to get in touch with yours...

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