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The Lunch Break energy boost

Posted by Megan Page 1

What’s the quickest way to nail your ‘to do list’? Chain yourself to the desk and not see daylight until it’s done? Sounds silly doesn’t it? Yet 54% of people in the UK are serial working lunchers…

It’s scientifically proven that taking a break (20 minutes) stops you getting bored, helps you retain information and re-evaluate your goals. Our brains are wired to be alert, detecting thousands of changes in the environment around us and aren’t good at concentrating for hours at a time.

Studies have even shown that our minds solve the stickiest problems when we’re in daydream mode - those great ideas you get when washing your hair or cleaning your teeth...

With help from the Neom Wellbeing Board, we’ve created the ultimate lunchtime pit stop to to help you relax, reboot and recharge for the afternoon ahead.


12.00 - Unplug

Put your computer to sleep. “The act of turning it off helps you gain control and take a step back.” Naomi, Neom Life Coach.

In the name of hygiene, you might also want to eat lunch elsewhere. Consumer group Which? did tests at their London office, and found keyboards harbour 5 times more bacteria than toilet seats!

Keyboards harbour 5 times more bacteria than toilet seats


12.05 - Go Outside

Leave the office. A stroll in the park increases blood flow to the brain, boosting creative thought, memory and cognitive performance. “The combination of fresh air and exercise helps you gain clarity for the afternoon ahead.” Naomi, Neom Life Coach.

If you want to lunch like a pro, try hitting the gym. Experts say a 20 minute power workout will increase oxygen around your body, make you more alert, awake and better able to handle your workload.


12.15 - Brain Food

This one’s a no brainer… Your glucose intake helps decide your productivity for the day, so try this - oily fish that’s high in omega 3 improves intellectual function, dark chocolate is a natural stimulant and raw carrot provides slow release natural energy. 



12.25 - Refresh & Replenish

Drink a glass of water, you’re often dehydrated without knowing it. This can affect your concentration levels, energy and mood.


12.35 - Stretch

Working at a desk puts strain on the neck and shoulders. Try some shoulder shrugs and circling your elbows (with your hands in front of our chest). 


12.45 - Give Your Eyes a Break

Adopt the 20-20-20 rule if you stare at a computer for most of the day. Work for 20 minutes, break for 20 seconds and look at objects that are 20 feet away from you.

Tell us how you spend your perfect lunch break using #NeomWellbeing or leave a comment below.

Image ©iStockphoto.com/MariaDubova

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Set Descending Direction


posted on 19 Aug 2015 11:07:34
What a great little plan and so achievable. I am on a phased return to work after a back problem rendered me immobile in March. I put the reason my body did not cope with what happened down to the hours I was working, the stress I was harbouring and the constant treadmill of work, eat, sleep, repeat. I was/am one of those individuals who rarely takes a break at lunch so I love this plan, I have it saved and will put it into practice as soon as I am back in the office. Thank you x

Tania Ciolli-Leach

posted on 15 Jul 2015 14:48:27
Love this idea. Having just started back in full time employment and having been introduced to Mindfulness last week at an incentive trip kind thanks to MyShowcase at Huntsham Court, Devon, I am embracing this idea and will build this time into my day. Thank you so much x

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