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Posted by Nicola Page 1

When it comes to present buying, mugs, socks and other little trinkets just don’t quite cut it for me. I’m quite particular with my gifts (both giving and receiving!). so when I'm perusing the aisles, it’s about seeking out that single-thing that’s going to add a touch of feel-good into their life.

 Scent to Instantly De-stress™ Gift Collection Here’s a little sneak peek at my gift list so far this year…

My best friends, who spend all year as manic multi-tasking mums, will receive gifts that invite them to take the 30 minutes they desperately need for themselves in a day. This is pretty much the sole reason I created our Scent to Instantly De-stress™ Gift Collection this year. For my mum, (who is always prepared to babysit or look after my little Westie last minute!), it’s time to show how much I appreciate her and give the one gift which I know she’s desperate for… sleep!

Three Nights of Peace For my friends who have demanding schedules and travel regularly for work, I’ve been considering what might be missing from their ‘routine’, so I’ll be adding our little therapeutic minis to their ‘capsule kit’. The 5ml Perfect Night’s Sleep Pillow Mist is a brilliant on-air essential for frequent flyers!

We all know someone who is forever sacrificing their own ‘must-have’ list to treat others, so I created our Life’s Little Luxuries kit with these very people in mind. It’s packed full of bliss body care essentials that are an absolutely amazing uplifting treat for the mind and body.

I’d love to hear if you think our Scent to Make You Feel Good Christmas Collection for 2015 meets my own present expectations! Please do leave a comment below or head over to our www.facebook.com or www.twitter.com and use #FeelGoodChristmas


Nicola x

Neom Organics Founder

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For amazing offers, wellbeing support and lashings of inspiration... Sign up here!

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