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Get Ready for a Month of Good Moods

Posted by Megan Page 1

We wouldn’t launch a product without putting it through vigorous rounds of testing and the same goes for our new 28 day Happiness Programme...

Designed to boost your mood and get those feel-good vibes beating through your body every day, when we ran our 7-day version last year, 92% felt uplifted and in a better mood when on the Neom Happy Programme* - it’s all we needed to persuade the team to go global!


Neom Happiness Programme

What is it?

Designed to fit into a month but fit around you and your existing commitments at the same time, our Happiness Programme is divided into bite-size nuggets of practical advice and fun-loving activities.

From chatting to an old friend to fitting in five minutes of yoga, whipping up a tasty brunch to scheduling a date night with your beau, we’ve teamed up with the Neom Wellbeing Board to give you 28 different ways to see you stay positive and chirpy through the dark winter months.


Keep it up

While a month of happiness might sound like a tall order (we all know there’s just some days when something might rub you up the wrong way!), we’re here to support you every step of the way. On sign up, you’ll receive a special Neom pack containing our white neroli, mimosa and lemon scented Happiness™ candle, the Great Day™ Body & Hand Wash and Body Scrub and the Mood Lifting On the Go Mist. Whip these out whenever you like and the scent will soon become associated with making you feel amazing. It’s true there’s nothing quite like the flicker of a candle to interject a busy schedule with a spot of zen.

You also get a calendar and booklet from us - the Happiness Handbook - that you can print out and pin up so you barely have to plan ahead. Just glance at the following day to know what’s in store and unless it’s an edible indulgence you need to get ingredients for, there will be zero prep time. That makes us happy full stop.


Neom Happiness Programme

Share the love

We’re encouraging our happiness warriors to take to social media and tell us how they’re getting on because in this game, it’s all about sharing the love. Tag @neomorganics and make sure you include the hashtag #NeomHappy100 to see how your peers are progressing. You never know who you might meet on your journey to contentment!


For more information or to join in, go to www.neomorganics.com/happiness-programme


*Consumer usage research involving 65 women undertaken October 2015.

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For amazing offers, wellbeing support and lashings of inspiration... Sign up here!

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Neom Wellbeing Board

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