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Neom Award Winning Sleep-Inducers

Posted by Nicki Page 1

Our potent Scent to Sleep™ range is our biggest award winner to date, so here's a little look at our trophy-winning line up.

1 Tranquillity™ Reed Diffuser
Best Aromatherapy Brand Award

Tranquillity™ Reed Diffuser Hot off the press... We’re super excited that our bestselling reed diffuser has won the Best Aromatherapy Brand and Best Home Fragrance in the Beauty Shortlist Awards.

Each one is made with an incredible 20-25ml of the purest possible essential oils that will scent your home with a heavenly relaxing blend of English lavender, sweet basil and jasmine.

Shop Tranquillity™ Reed Diffuser


2 Tranquillity™ Bath Foam
Best Relaxing Bath Treat Award

Tranquillity™ Bath Foam Our sleep expert, Anandi, recommends unwinding in a hot bath before bed. If you want an extra dose of calm, add our Tranquillity™ Bath Foam, voted the Best Relaxing Bath Treat in the Beauty Bible Awards and the Best Beauty Product For Mothers in the Baby & Me Style Awards!

Simply add 1 capful to your bath and relax for 20 minutes, as this allows the powerful essentials oils to penetrate deep into the skin and start making you sleepy.

Shop Tranquillity™ Bath Foam


3 Tranquillity™ Scented Candle
Best Bath Time Candle Award

Tranquillity™ Scented Candle An absolute must for your pre-bedtime routine, in just 20 minutes our Tranquillity™ Scented Candle fills the room with a deeply sedative scent which helps send you into the deepest, most peaceful slumber.

Voted the Best Bath Time Candle in the Cosmopolitan Beauty Awards, it’s packed with 19 potent essential oils, all chosen for their relaxing, sleep-inducing properties.

Shop Tranquillity™ Scented Candle


Is your favourite sleep-inducer on here? Comment below or head over to our social pages www.facebook.com or www. twitter.com and let us know your go-to Neom product for getting to sleep using #Sleeptember

Watch the video below with Suzy Reading, Neom Psychology Expert who reveals the secret signs of stress and why you should look out for them.

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posted on 11 Feb 2016 10:28:01
Had to share with you the wonderful benefits of the luxury candle . how calming and relaxing this is for a busy stressed individual who needed to find something out there.
Well done NEOM and thanks

Note from Neom:

Hi Edwina,

Thanks so much for your lovely comment! So pleased to hear you've been enjoying the calming benefits of our fragrances.

Very best,

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