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Nicola Fast Tracks That Holiday Feeling

Posted by Paul Page 1

Wafty kaftans, copious glasses of Rose wine and a doorstop of a book to one side. Nicola tells us about slowly unwinding and pampering, prepping for nights out and how the Neom Wellbeing On the Go Collection would have made her holiday!

I just got back from my spring break. Oh how sweet that first holiday of the year is, after a long, dark winter. My super organised friend Charlotte spent ages searching for a beautiful villa, the perfect location, nicely on budget for the (four! eek!) families we travelled with, and she booked the best restaurants months in advance. We shared links on dresses and kaftans, beach bags and pom pom’d sandals.

It was left to me to sort out the products….so on the day before (I’m always best under pressure) I ran around like a crazy thing, decanting Neom Face, Body & Hair Oil and Hand & Body Washes into fiddly little see-through bottles and swiping mini bath oils and our Pillow Mists from gift collections.

If only we had gone a month later and I would have taken our new Wellbeing On the Go Collection! Seriously, this would have made my holiday! Because a wafty new kaftan, copious glasses of Rose wine and a doorstop of a book to one side, a massive part of me unwinding on hols is spent in the bathroom! Slowly unwinding and pampering, prepping for nights out, and of course, laying in bed for as long as possible.

Wellbeing on the go is crucial to me. Ten years ago I might have been happy to come home pasty white from being up partying all night, feeling worse than I left, but not now. Holidays are about having fun and feeling good in equal measures, coming back feeling well rested and raring to go.

We’ve spent ages pouring over the perfect collection of 50ml (airplane friendly sizes) minis that add the ‘little extra’ to even the most perfectly planned holidays. Shower washes packed with energy boosting oils, super nourishing body oils that the whole family can use (ditch the chemical laden aftersun please, these are fantastic and no peeling!). Mini pillow mists to help you all sleep… super cute and super useful! And the best bit for me? I have to book that next break immediately, just to test them out, obvs. I want to hear how these Wellbeing minis help fast track that holiday feeling for you please, May Bank holiday trips near or afar - we have you covered!

Pssst, In other news, I came back from my hols and straight into the new King’s Road store opening (OMG OMG we have o-p-e-n-e-d a store on THE iconic King’s Road in London!!). I’ve hankered after having a store here since being a little girl. This was the first place I remember visiting on my first ever trip to london, my parents took us to lunch at The Bluebird and we all cooed over the pastel houses on the streets just off it.

Talk about an iconic road, the shops there are looking better than ever, so if you’re not from the area I can’t recommend it enough for a day trip. If you have managed to come and see us in the Wimbledon or Leeds stores, you’ll know that every Neom store experience is a bit different. King’s Road has a really cool ‘experimental’ area with an actual mini pillow, bath and shower, so we can show you there and then how effective our wellbeing products are.

There’s also a Scent School at the back, where amongst the wellbeing books and teas we’ll be organising events and talks for you to come along and learn about better sleep, learning to create calm, to boost your natural energy and lift your mood. If you see me lounging about with a cup of tea on the sofa, come say hi as I’ll mostly be soaking it all up, right here, this month...


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