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Nicola Reveals Her Wellbeing Need

Posted by Paul Page 1

Nicola often gets asked “What’s your favourite Neom scent?”. To which she promptly replies, ‘it’s not about what I like it’s about what I need!” Find out what we mean when we say "Scent Discovery Test", and how you can get involved and track YOUR underlying wellbeing need too. Join the club.

You think you need help with better sleep, less stress, energy boosting or mood lifting? But in 88% of cases we find out your underlying wellbeing need is very different…

Hands up who’s been into one of our beautiful Neom stores? If you have, you’ve probably taken our ‘Scent Discovery Test’, the brilliant 40 second test which helps unveil your true wellbeing need. Calm and contemporary vibes to one side, this focal point in the stores is probably my favourite part of them, because time and again I see people come in thinking Neom is all about browsing perfumes, perhaps trying some natural products to see how effective they are, maybe picking up a gift….you get the drift, but our true aim is to actually find our underlying wellbeing need; that is, do you need better sleep? less stress? a boost of energy? or a mood lift?

We’re so NOT just about pretty boxes (even though they’re pretty special) and nice smelling perfumes (yes that do smell amazing)! And this is the interesting part..when we explain the Neom mission, although EVERYONE says they need help with at least one of these wellbeing issues, our Scent Discovery Test reveals that, for 88% of customers coming into store, their underlying wellbeing need is actually very different to what they think it is. Intrigued?

Only last week in the Leeds store, I had a real ‘moment’ when a lady who was having sleep problems (and came in adamant she needed the sleep regime) found out that the cause of her poor sleep was actually stress. She teared up when we unveiled this, seeing as she’d been going through a really turbulent time at work. We managed to work on a de-stress regime for her and she spent an hour in store learning about various ways she can create calm in her own home and take those important small steps which made a big difference the way she needed.

Very different situation was the gentleman who came to the Wimbledon store with a lack of energy. We did the test and found out that actually his sleep quality was poor. We booked him in for the sleep school (available in stores) and gave him some great information on how to create a clean sleep routine. The better quality sleep gave him the rest he needed which in turn allowed his days to be more energy fuelled. In his words, ‘you have helped me so much, just a few small changes have made a huge difference...thank you!’

So how do you do the test? It’s super simple. You smell our four key Neom wellbeing scents and as you inhale each essential oil blend, the scent travels to the hypothalamus, a gland in your brain responsible for releasing the hormones which control your basic instincts and emotions. At the hypothalamus, your body is most attracted to the wellbeing blend that it needs – revealing whether you need to focus on sleep, stress relief, energy or happiness at that moment. Clever isn't it?

The really exciting thing this month is that we are making this test available to every single one of you with our Scent Discovery Test. The idea being not only can you take the test at home, but you can hold onto it and do it time and time again, so you can really track the way you’re feeling. You simply take the four scent phials out of the box, turn them around (no peeking at the names!) deeply inhale them all with a 5 second break inbetween and identify the scent you are drawn to.

And that is your wellbeing need - simple! You can read a bit more and get hold of one here

One of the questions I most often get asked is, “What’s your favourite Neom scent?”. To which I promptly reply, ‘it’s not about what I like it’s about what I need!” Today, sat at my desk, two weeks away from a much needed holiday, over-worked and with a pile of new packaging to check, a quick check on my test tells me I’m in need of de-stress. I’m going home to light a Real Luxury scented candle, and take a long bath with a mixture of the de-stress drops and bath foam whilst doing one of Emma Mill’s (our Neom Mindfulness ambassador) brilliant mindfulness exercises. But give me a month and (hopefully) that will all change!

I really want to hear from you this month, please share your stories of doing the Scent Discovery Test, tell us what you thought you needed and what in fact your underlying wellbeing need was after doing your own using #MyWellbeingNeed. And prepare to discover and track your true wellbeing needs. And remember one of my favourite quotes from Lao Tzu, “The journey of a thousand miles starts with a single step.”

- Nicola, Neom Founder

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