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Nicola's Check In On 30 Small Steps Challenge

Posted by Nicola Elliott Page 1

Ok I’m feeling the energy right now… if you’re still battling with the dark mornings I reckon we can help...

I am halfway through my 30 day ‘Small Steps Big Difference Challenge’ to Boost My Energy and find my Most Powerful Self and I’m loving it!

I started from a pretty low base, it has to be said. Coming out of Christmas with a natural inclination to feel down in the dumps through the darker months, and carrying an extra 7lbs gained over the Xmas period. If anyone needed motivation - for the gym, for the dark mornings, for the new year, it was me. Harnessing the very best hints and tips from our formidable Wellbeing Board on their small steps for creating an ‘energy laden version of myself’ sounded good. It still does!

From spring cleaning to starting my day with hot lemon, everything on the list is positive, they are nice things to do. Nice ways to treat yourself, daily, regularly. Of course you’ve got to get your butt to the gym. But it’s good to know I can do lots of other little things that are simple, quick, easy, not about changing my lifestyle or asking me to fit something else into an already packed schedule. These small things add up and are really making a big difference.

I’ll admit that come the end of January my resolve was tested when I fell off the dry January wagon and drank (a tiny bit too much) prosecco on my sister’s birthday.

Followed by a crazy few weeks where we had the new perfume launch at the Leeds and Wimbledon store (more prosecco).

But you know, having a spring clean in this way, getting my life back in order in these small ways means I feel more able to take on those busy weeks. It’s the old bank account analogy - you need to top up the balance before it depletes.

Feeling refreshed, lighter (I’ve just about got the 7lb off…) and more powerful than last month, let me tell you my most exciting news...We. Have. Launched. Perfume….*squeals with delight*.

If you haven’t seen it on social (we’ve been getting very excited on our Instagram about our new baby) it’s called Energy Burst. Why? How? When? So this all started with you… you asked us for perfume more times than I can remember, so I have spent the past two years pouring over the development of this launch, one of the most complex developments at Neom HQ ever! It is, as you would imagine, 100% natural but lasts at least 2 hours on the skin (a great result for naturals because of course we don’t use synthetic agents which generally allow the fragrance to stick for longer).

The scent - is light, bright, sparkling yet powerful. The strapline is ‘Spritz, Kick ass Repeat’ and we designed it to be used in exactly that way. It’s to help you with those dark 6am wake up calls, that 11am (and 4pm) slump, the party you don’t have the energy to go to. This is the scent that will not just smell beautiful but will help you power through your day, naturally.

It’s packed with 17 essential oils; key notes are lemon, grapefruit, rosemary but there’s also three types of orange oil, from a darker bitter note to a far sunnier sweet version, and the lightest jasmine laced through the whole blend.

As with everything that leaves Neom HQ, it has to be 100% natural, luxurious, smell amazing and look and feel totally treat worthy but also be truly purposeful. So we tested this perfume for months; on busy mums, working girls, working guys (it’s unisex) and we asked them all: “Does it work? does it give you a burst of energy?” Only when the answer is a resounding yes, do we go into development.

So if you’re thinking of a Valentine’s gift (my husband and I are sharing my bottle so it works for you both), you can nudge him towards Neomorganics.com and hopefully he’ll steer clear of the dreaded chocs this year!

Have a great month, make the most of those little moments because spring is round the corner and if you haven’t done the Neom 30 Steps yet then get on board! It’s totally free, utterly inspiring and perhaps most importantly e-a-s-y! We want to hear how you are doing, how you are feeling on social. Use the hashtag #Mostpowerfulself and we’ll get back to you!

Much love, and copious amounts of energy,

Nicola x

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