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Nicola's Family Favourites

Posted by Emma Page 1

If you ever read my blogs you'll know I'm constantly juggling life at Neom with the madness of two little ones at home. Not easy, as many of you will know...

Today alone has been a bizarre mix of Sports day (school), Christmas catalogue sign off (work), impromptu catch up with teachers on extra maths (school) work followed by a budget review (work). Yep, that's juggling Neom style. Before I pop off home to whip up a bolognese and fall in a heap, I thought I'd share some ways that my worlds collide favourably and harmoniously for once in the form of the products I use on my family. These are the 5 must haves we keep stock piled at home and why...

1. Pillow Mist

We all have one beside our bed. It's become a ritual for me, my husband and the kids to spritz this after a bath and before our bedtime story. Husband took his on a boys weekend away and Charlie (9) on his residential at school - total winner!

2. Daily Superskin Body Oil

We mainly use this in place of an after sun on holiday. Everyone lines up after their shower and I slather it on backs, shoulders, legs. We've all got different skin types and colouring but seriously have never peeled once since using this oil, packed with vitamins and non sticky the kids absolutely love the smell too.

3. Real Luxury Scented Candle

On those rare Saturday night's in, we snuggle up on the sofa and light this candle.The room doesn't seem right without it now! This scent is all about creating a calm zone and totally fits Saturday Night-In Vibes.

4. Great Day Body & Hand Wash

I'm not perfect on the natural front, but I try and make swaps wherever possible. This natural hand wash is in all our bathrooms. The uplifting, mood boosting scent is a winner with all of us and the husband finds it suitably masculine too!

5. Tranquillity Reed Diffuser

One in each of our bedrooms. Anything to keep the little blighters asleep through the night - our bed is big but it's getting pretty tight for a 7 and 9 year old so keeping them sound asleep all night is a priority.

This week we've put these into a family friendly bundle, hope you (all) enjoy!

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