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Stress Free Travel Guide

Posted by Nicki Wedgwood Page 1

Who doesn’t love a holiday? You’ve got your dream destination booked, you’re counting down the days on your calendar, but there’s just one last issue to tackle, travelling. The journey isn’t always without its tense moments, so we’ve got you covered for all eventualities with our stress free travel guide. Taking you from takeoff to touchdown feeling (smugly) cool, calm and collected. We promise.



Your holiday departure date is creeping up fast and those old beach body woes are starting to rear their head. Don’t worry! Try our top tips for staying body confident and holiday happy from day one.

Body Image

  • It’s all in the mind, says Neom Psychologist Suzy Reading, instead of beating yourself up about not making the most of that gym membership for the past few months, focus on what your body can do, rather than how it looks. Cultivate gratitude for your body. Be grateful for your health and quit obsessing over people who you think are more attractive than you. People are on holiday to to relax and chill out, not to judge the bodies of fellow travellers. Keep some perspective!

  • Suzy also says, use your favourite colours and scents to lift your holiday outfits and enhance your mind and body. The power of a familiar, mood-boosting fragrance can work wonders too, and the same goes for that bright, colourful dress that’s been hanging in your wardrobe for a while.

Skin Care Saviours

  • If your skin isn't feeling its summer best, it can be a little daunting! But don’t panic and certainly don’t let it ruin your pre-holiday excitement. A good body scrub and nourishing moisturiser is all you need to buff away your body blues and reveal smooth, glowing skin and if time isn’t on your side, we’ve put together the ultimate cheat to get summer-ready skin in minutes, our Pre-Holiday Skin Boost Duo. Step into the shower and work our moisturising Great Day sugar scrub upwards to stimulate blood flow, release toxins and reveal beautiful skin. Dry off and inhale a handful of mood-boosting Daily Boost oil before applying all over. Pow, from winter-dull to summer-glow in minutes!



Guilty of leaving packing until the final hour? Often find yourself sitting on your case to force it shut? You’re not alone. Here’s our must-try advice for beating the suitcase stress!

Stress Free Travel Guide

Get Organised

  • Neom Life Coach, Naomi says the art of getting organised is worth perfecting! Start packing at least one week before you go. Get your holiday clothes washed, ironed and in piles ready to put in your case and if you’re ordering holiday essentials online, make sure you do this in advance to allow for postal delays. If you’re a newbie to the world of organisation, try a downloadable cut out and keep packing list.

Pack Like a Pro

  • If you’re trying to cram your whole wardrobe into your suitcase, it might be time to work on a summer-friendly capsule wardrobe. Go through your clothes rails and be brutal with yourself. What are you actually going to wear abroad and what can you sacrifice? Pack versatile colours and prints so you can mix and match (especially useful if you have hand luggage allowance only!), and think carefully about shoes. Are heels appropriate for the type of holiday you’re going on? Will you need comfortable shoes for lots of walking? 2 or 3 pairs should realistically be plenty!

Multi-use Space Savers

  • Space is a luxury so make the most of what you’ve got with multi-use products. Our On The Go sprays are brilliant for energising, de-stressing or boosting mood whilst you’re out and about and also double up as clothes fresheners to revive your holiday wardrobe!

  • We swear by switching up after-sun for one of our nourishing skin-loving Body Oils. As well as deeply hydrating sun-parched skin, choose from either De-stress, Daily Boost or Intense Night Repair fragrance to deliver an intense therapeutic benefit too.



You had all good intentions of being at the airport with 2 hours to spare (hello Duty Free!), but you’re begging the taxi driver to wait 5 more minutes and trying not to have a crying fit. We’ve been there…

Up and at 'em

  • If you’re on an early morning flight, set your alarm for 30 minutes before you NEED to wake up. This will combat that ‘just 10 more minutes’ lie in so you can ‘cheat’ the clock and get a head start on your journey.

Travel Smart

  • Double check on your travel arrangements to the airport the night before, whether it’s a taxi or a lift from a friend, confirm their arrival time so you can have a stress free slumber!

  • Put all of your documents together and somewhere safe the night before. Boarding passes, passports and other essentials can all be neatly packed away in a folder (or travel wallet if you’re a stylish type and let’s face it, it’s a great excuse for another pretty travel accessory! We love Smythson and Aspinal of London).

  • On a similar note, change a little bit of your currency before you travel so you’re not caught short on arrival. Pop this with your travel docs too.


Stress Free Travel Guide


Travelling with children isn’t without its challenging moments… Chair-kicking, high-pitched crying, it’s not really anyone’s idea of the start of a stress free holiday. Whether they’re yours or someone else's little bundles of joy, here’s how to keep calm when there are under 10s on board.

Your Own Little Ones...

  • The mums of Team Neom are huge advocates of travel ‘care-packages’. Your one-stop survival kit for getting your children from A to B with minimal fuss. Here’s our list of essentials.


    Low sugar drinks and snacks - Because who needs a 5 year old experiencing an extreme sugar crash at 28,000 feet? Neom Nutrition Expert, Samantha Paget says, even though you might be limited to what you can buy in the airport, think water, fruit, veg and dips that all have a low glycemic load to keep your blood sugar and energy levels balanced during the flight. Our favourites include apples or whole wheat crackers dipped in natural peanut butter, walnuts and almonds or raw veggies and hummus.


    Toiletries - There’s a lot to be said for a packet of baby wipes (we love Beaming Baby’s organic version) to clear up any spillages, but travel-friendly minis are just the ticket for happy travellers too. Pop in a mini sleep mist (our 5ml version can be found here) to help the whole family get their zzz’s mid-air and our Energy Boosting On The Go Mist will banish travel grogginess as you touch-down.


    Distractions - Exactly what’s needed when that bottom lip starts to wobble… Load up your iPad with games, puzzles and educational apps to keep them entertained. Suzy says “I like to wrap new treats up and my kids get to open them on the plane, especially good for long haul travel. You can even wrap up existing toys they haven’t played with for a while to add to the excitement.”

… Someone Else's

  • Turn up, tune out - There’s nothing like tuning everything out with your favourite film or TV series. Get your iPad fully stocked with new downloads then as soon as you’re able to, plug in and switch off all that external noise.

  • Get your zzz’s - If you’re long haul, make sure you pack good earplugs and a travel sleep mist (our Perfect Night’s Sleep Pillow Mist 5ml was made exactly for this purpose!) to help you switch off and get some essential zzz’s!

  • Just breathe - Flights can be tense, all that cramped space and recycled air, but try and be sensitive to the parents of crying children. Take a few deep, calming breaths, we recommend the 7/11 technique to ‘switch up’ the body’s natural relaxation response. Simply inhale for 7 and extend the out breath for 11 seconds.



Love discovering new places but HATE the thought of getting there? It’s a real catch-22 but don’t let your fear of flying stop you from embracing an amazing adventure.

  • It’s important to remind yourself WHY you are having to take this journey, says Suzy. You may find the flight thoroughly unenjoyable, but it’s a necessary means to get to somewhere beautiful, where you can explore a new environment and culture. Tap into that feeling of ‘this is worth it’, just mark it off as an essential but small amount of time in the bigger scheme of your trip!

  • For those of you who need a little extra help, we thoroughly recommend Flying With Confidence, written by a collection of British Airways’ top flying experts. It’s packed with proven techniques to help you overcome anxiety and feel more calm during your flight. There’s an audiobook too for those on the move!



Touch down… You’ve arrived at your destination feeling pretty calm and collected, so don’t let the rush and panic of fellow travellers ruin your cool now.

Organisation is Key

  • Get your airport to hotel transport pre-booked so you’re not waiting around for transfer. It’s a real time-saver and speeds up your plane to beach time! As with your pre-flight documents, get all your essential check-in paperwork in one place so you’re ready to glide from reception to your room with no ‘where’s my passport?’ panic.

  • Suzy says instead of panicking about what your hotel will be like or how long the journey will take, use the time between leaving the airport to arriving at your hotel to really take in your holiday destination! Be on the lookout for beauty and really savour this time of total relaxation. Be grateful for the holiday you’re about to enjoy whether it’s 2 days or 2 weeks. It’s time for you to switch off and concentrate on having an amazing time.

Summer Meditation

  • Neom Mindfulness Expert Emma Mills says holidays are the perfect opportunity to begin or continue practicing your meditation. She advises “Be 100% on holiday. Your meditation comes with you everywhere, without you even having to try. As the saying goes, ‘Wherever you go, there you are’”. We love Emma’s summer meditation plans and she has even more helpful tips for staying mindful on your holiday here.

Stress Free Travel Guide



Landing back into your routine is always a little bit of a shock after the relaxation of a holiday, but you don’t have to give in to the post-holiday blues! Here’s how we like to keep our holiday-high even when Monday morning has rolled around.

  • Get planning - Take out your diary and plan some more exciting adventures to look forward to. It could just be days out with friends and family, or even another holiday in a few months time. Just make a date to have some fun, so you can return to your routine feeling focussed with a new goal in mind.

  • Savour your memories - Suzy says use the skill of savouring, notice joyful experiences and amplify them with your mind. Savour the holiday you’ve just had by reminiscing about what you enjoyed the most or looking back over your holiday snaps. Are there some things you did on holidays that you could keep doing during everyday life? Schedule or book them in!

So here’s to a summer of stress free travel! We’d love to hear your ultimate tips for staying a happy traveller below.

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