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There's a Spring in Nicola's Step

Posted by Nicola Elliott Page 1

Spring...sunshine...lighter mornings...oh how we missed you! March is my favourite month. My first child was born on 4th and within days of his birthday, crocus and daffodils start popping up everywhere and everyone seems to be feeling brighter and happier

The Neom Most Powerful Self Campaign of course is super charging that feeling, and you guys certainly agree because more of you than ever before have gotten involved, incorporating “small steps to make a big difference” on a daily basis. In fact, together you pledged to do over 40,000 steps!

If you still haven’t gotten involved, you can still download the 30 small steps here. And don’t just take my word for it being totally life-changing, I particularly like this feedback on our Facebook page:

"Really enjoyed #MostPowerfulSelf. Although I've not achieved all 30 (I think I did quite well with 22) - loved the Me time and picking up books again. My phone and iPad are turned off and I head for a bath with my book. A mini challenge of at least two books a month - thank you!" - ‎Sarah Mei Ying North

In the spirit of giving back to feel good, I’m deep into cherry picking my fav products at the moment for Mother’s Day….as with many of you, I organise my own mum’s and my husband’s mum’s and I usually get something for my Grandma as well. Sounds remarkably similar to Christmas tbh!

So here goes, my mum is getting Neom sleep kit, she’s a born worrier and never sleeps well, so I’m banishing her to her room for a night with the bath oil, candle and pillow mist and I’ll make sure she reads the Neom Sleep Ebook to boot...all bases covered! My Mother in law is getting an Energy Burst perfume. Recently retired, she’s always on the go, packing in trips all over the UK and socialising more than ever...so she could do with a bottle of this. My grandma is getting some Great Day body lotion...she’s 96 and says it’s the most soothing lotion she has ever used. And she’s used a few!

If you’re planning a trip out with your mum to celebrate Mother’s Day (or even with your friends) and live near Leeds or Wimbledon, you should come and see the brilliant Emma Mills, Neom Mindfulness Expert, at her exclusive book launch of “Inhale, Exhale, Repeat” in our beautiful stores on 15th March (in Wimbledon) and 16th March (Leeds).

I love Emma, she has worked with us since we launched our Neom Wellbeing Board two years ago, helping us to give you the best mindfulness tips and exercises on blogs in our Neom Ebooks, in treatments and even in little leaflets within the products - she is serenity personified.

At this special event, we will be talking through her fabulous new book, taking your questions and will be on hand to offer fresh and simple tips on keeping our minds healthy whilst we serve Prosecco and nibbles and give you the chance to be the first to preview the new book and the Neom mindfulness collection available only on the evening.

To book your place at the event & tell us your coming, head over to our Facebook page: Wimbledon Leeds

Finally some spring resolutions from me; I do this at the start of each season, as something to plan for and get excited about for the months ahead. As always they are pretty small things with the aim of course, of making a big difference.

I’m booked in for a yoga course with my little girl (I have to mix up my exercise regularly or else I get bored and quit), I’m block booking a few girlie night’s away over the summer with good old friends in small but pretty B&Bs in new places (or I’ll never get round to it) and I’ve just ordered the following books: Happy by Fearne Cotton, (a sort of toolkit for being your happiest self from the very real mum of 2); ‘Nourish & Glow 10 Day Plan’ by Amelia Freer (she’s brilliant, love the way Amelia inspires simple healthy eating) and ‘Too Much Happiness’ by Alice Munro, a great thought provoking collection of short stories I’m already half way though can highly recommend.

So here’s to spring...to sunshine, to mums, to feeling the best version of you and running with it all through the season! Much love, Nicola. Neom Founder

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