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Top of The List... 28% of You Need Better Sleep

Posted by Emma Page 1

In tune with your wellbeing need? Sleep, De-stress, Happiness OR Energy? You took the test. We got the results. 75% of you, had a different underlying wellbeing need than what you thought! 28% need more ZZZ’s. 27% need to de-stress, 24% need an shot of energy and 21% need a mood lift

Which one were you drawn to?  Better sleep, less stress, an energy boost or mood lift? We’ve uncovered that 75% of you, who took the test, had a different underlying wellbeing need than what you thought...that’s our Scent Discovery - it’s your UNDERLYING wellbeing need we tackle - not how you think you feel.

So, what was top of the list? SLEEP. Oh yes. A resounding need for more zzz’s. Whether you have sleep stealers (aka kids - those loves of our lives),  work shifts or have a buzzing mind - it seems better sleep was the highest need. 28% of you need more shut eye (you’re not alone 43% of women in the UK say they are not getting enough sleep*), closely followed with 27% of you needing to de-stress, 24% needing more energy and 21% of you in need of a mood boost.

Whatever your need we can help.

Check out our Small Steps, Big Difference, tried-and-tested tips, from our Neom Wellbeing Board of experts to help you on YOUR wellbeing journey.


Stick to the same bedtime every night

If you fall into bed at 1am on some nights and 9pm on others you’re missing out on the most crucial element of a clean routine – consistency.

Going to bed and waking at regular times every day, means we can support the body’s natural circadian rhythms (our 24hr body clock). You’ll wake feeling more refreshed, even if you’re actually getting less sleep than before.

Tech Time

Yes, we know we always bang on about tech time. Countless studies tell us just how disruptive the blue light on our tech can have to our sleep. It cues the brain up to be wide awake when it should be settling down. If you HAVE to have tech time - ensure the light setting is at its lowest and always leave at least an hour without any tech before you plan to fall asleep.

Don't "Over-Nap"

If you find yourself needing sleep in the day due to a sleepless night. Keep it less than 30 mins as any longer will make you groggy on waking as you’ll be entering deep sleep.


Take a Class

If the logistics of getting to a class is too much – load up an online class with Movement for Modern Life, Tara Stiles, or Move Your Frame (N.B. Workout @ Home classes). You can do this at home, in the evening.

Take 10

If you live and work in a built-up area, make the most of a river path, garden,communal square, local park or treelined street. Simple yet effective.

Call a Friend

Talking to a loved one kick-starts the body’s relaxation response – and sharing our problems has been shown to reduce how serious they feel. As soon as you verbalise your worries, you’ve taken the first step to confronting them too.


Power Shower

Just 60 seconds under a cold spray can boost blood flow and oxygen levels – which amps up energy levels too. Apply a full pipette of Neom Energy Burst Bath & Shower Drops to your décolletage beforehand, for the ultimate wake-up call. 

Wake Up Your Gut

Not only will a mug of hot water, fresh ginger and lemon help your body clear itself, it will also boost metabolism – an energy kick from within. Plus it also boosts immune system, detoxifies and aids digestion. Bonus.

Take Your Meds

Studies have shown that when we meditate, our systems rest an average of 33% deeper than they do when we’re in deepest sleep**. And, unlike a poor night’s sleep which leaves us groggy, when we ‘wake’ from a short meditation, says Andy Puddicombe, founder of Headspace, we feel energised and clear-headed***. So – max out your energy account by starting with a 10-minute lunch break med session. 


Flip Your Response

It’s OK to admit that someone’s stream of good news (promotion, pay rise, holiday in Barbados) can make you glaze over. But our response can build a relationship – or erode it. Instead of breezing by their happy moment, use ‘active responding’ – where you show genuine interest and ask questions. It spreads their joy and brings a friend closer. It makes you feel better.

Adopt a Team Mindset

See your social circle as individuals? Reframe it as one solid support unit. People who challenge/inspire you; yoga buddies, hairdresser, playground pals. Share good times and draw on them when times get tough.

Awaken Dead Time

If you’re time-poor, social media quickly becomes your default communication mode. Still enjoy enriching moments of face-and-voice-time by smarter use of blank time: making a handsfree call on the drive to the supermarket or a 10-minute phone catch-up on your train commute.

Want to share your underlying wellbeing need? Tell us we’d love to hear #MyWellbeingNeed

*The results are part of the ‘Reclaim Your Sleep’ survey of 4,100 UK adults, conducted by YouGov and supported by the Sleep Apnoea Trust Association (SATA).



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