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Unplug, Unwind, and Sleep Better

Posted by Anandi Page 1

So here’s an eye opener. Nearly half of all respondents to the Neom National Lifestyle Stress Audit, said that better quantity and quality of sleep would make them feel less stressed. So why aren’t we managing to grab those few extra hours of much-needed sleep? 

Our Neom Sleep Expert, Anandi has a few simple guidelines for those of us who need to unplug and let ourselves wind down after a hectic day…

1. Relax and breathe: Create a relaxing space in your bedroom with the Scent to Sleep™ 3 Step Sleep Programme. Spritz your pillow with Tranquillity™ Room Spray & Pillow Mist, lay on your bed and breathe. The way we breathe tells us everything about the way we live. When our mind is disturbed, our breath is disturbed. Hurried shallow, irregular breathing is an inevitable side effect of the stressed mind. Learn how to breathe using the whole of your breathing apparatus. When we breathe fully, we breathe into all the spaces of the body and not just the lungs. If the breath is fully relaxed and free and nothing is constricted, the breath will find a slow steady rhythm, the heart rate will decrease and you will feel a wave of peace. Take the opportunity to become aware of your breathing and your surroundings with each inward and outward breath.

Bed 2. De-clutter your bedroom: Our bedrooms can be filled with all sorts of junk and clutter. Take a little time to pull everything out that you don’t need, and get rid of as much as possible. If you have a TV or computer in your bedroom, evict them! The bedroom should be a sacred space with wonderful smells and beautiful linen on the bed, making your bedroom an oasis of calm so that as soon as you step through the door, you leave your stress behind you! 

4. Lighting: Get your light right. It is very important to wind down gradually with the sun, stimulating the dimming of the lights in the evening with the arrival of dusk. Warm, low level lighting using gorgeous candles will turn your surroundings into a soothing environment and a place of self love and care. Harsh strip lights or staring at your computer screen will inhibit the natural sleep process by telling your brain to stop producing melatonin. So turn off computers and phones before 9pm and give yourself an hour of rest before bed. Unplug yourself from the outside world and focus on yourself instead of any extraneous distractions.

5. Bathtime ritual: Make your bathroom a space of cleansing and detoxification as you prepare to meet the outside world in the morning, and a place where you wash away the remnants and any negativity of the hectic day before you go to bed. Choose luxuriously therapeutic scents which allow you to wind down and put the day behind you. Light candles for low level lighting, take a relaxing bath using Scent to Sleep™ Tranquillity Bath & Shower Oil and breathe in the soothing lavender and jasmine, both renowned for their ability to induce sleep.

6. Yoga: Switch yourself off from the continuous barrage of information during the day and let it all wash away with restorative yoga. It involves absolutely no effort on your part.  You simply let gravity do all the work, the less you do the better it is… not the usual message we get when we want something to work right?  This is a million miles away from ‘no pain, no gain’ and the ‘push, push, push’ instructions from the hot yoga studio….no this is let go, let go, let go! Restorative yoga involves putting yourself into comfortable supported positions, whether this is on the bed or on the floor, which allow your body to open and stretch. Restorative yoga also stimulates and soothes the internal organs, refreshes and restores. This is the perfect way to start the day, and the perfect way to wind down before bed.

7. Reading and recapitulating: Take the opportunity before you slip into sleep to read something spiritually enlightening before bed rather than an intense thriller or a dark, moody novel. Substitute your bright phone screen for a book such as ‘Well-Being’ by Tom Rath and Jim Harter, or ‘Unplugged: The Essential Digital Detox Plan’ by Orianna Fielding, two books which the Neom team have reviewed for us in this issue, both centred around the issues of wellness and self-care. If reading isn’t your cup of tea, keep a journal next to your bed and summarise your thoughts and feelings on the day. Write down and let go of anything that didn’t quite go to plan and commit to doing better the next day. This is a perfect way of preparing the mind for sleep, giving it an ideal stepping stone to filing away memories and thoughts that are unnecessary to a reenergising night.

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Gill Hobbs

posted on 5 Jun 2015 10:39:26
Found comment about breathing very interesting, and will give her techniques a try tonight.
However I would like to say that my sleep pattern has been much improved since I started using the "scent to sleep " range. I started with the reed diffuser, then the room spray, the wellbeing kit and the extra sensitive skin candle; which is wonderful !!!

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