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Wellbeing Books: Eat & Sleep Better

Posted by Nicki, Lucy, Nicola Page 1

unplugged: the essential digital detox plan ORIANNA FIELDING

We are absolutely 100% all guilty of being too plugged in these days but it’s quite shocking to realize how much we actually rely on devices to communicate with friends, family and even children… It reminded me of a video that was released a couple of years ago called ‘I Forgot My Phone’.

I love the step-by-step guides in this book, starting with minute-long and then going up to weekend-long digital detox plans. Orianna teaches you how to manage your ‘plugged in’ time in a healthy way. It’s not about completely ridding yourself of technology (impossible for most), just being aware of how much time you spend online, and how much time you spend engaging with people in a real and meaningful way. Eye opening stuff.

Nicki Wedgwood
PR Executive



eat move sleep Tom Rath

Rath says this is ‘more than a book, it’s a new way to live”. How very Neom of him! Starting with his own deeply personal story, it's supported by really insightful, practical, credible, and timeless ideas from more than a decade of research about how to make healthier choices for life. Eat Move Sleep focuses on all three components and perhaps most importantly, their interconnectedness. Comprehensive yet simple and inspiring but it’s the cutting edge research we’re giving him five stars for.

Nicola Elliott



what are you hungry for? Deepak Chopra

Here’s a promise for you from a man who can deliver…

‘The solution to permanent weight loss, wellbeing and lightness of the soul’. Chopra begins with an overview of the realities of the 21st century - we are all guilty of eating unconsciously, not caring what is in our food and opting for larger portions. Plus, we’re getting poor sleep which has a profound affect on hunger (definitely need to send him a Neom 3 Step Sleep Programme™).

An invaluable guide for a serious lifestyle change which pulls together wellbeing, self-regulation and simple, easy to follow recipes for pure, wholesome food.

Nicki Wedgwood
PR Executive



wellbeing the five essential elements Tom Rath & JIM HARTER

Rath, international best selling author teams up with scientist, Jim Harter (known for his worldwide research studies) to bring us real-life, insightful statistics on how and why we can measure true wellbeing and says “By the time you finish reading this book, you’ll have a better understanding of what makes life worthwhile”.

Divided into easy-to-read sections, Rath believes, after years of asking questions to a variety of people in the world, there are 5 key parts to wellbeing: Career, Social, Financial, Physical and Community which are all interdependent (i.e. you can’t have optimum wellbeing unless you’re thriving in all 5) and make up our level wellbeing. Only if we all consider how our choices affect us in the short term will we make better decisions for our long term wellbeing. I couldn’t agree more, who actually thinks about 20 years down the line when eating that cheeseburger?

An insightful read, based on fact (which is always good). Think, a more-to-the-point version of Arianna Huffingtons, The Third Metric, and you’ll know what to expect. A little too many data tables towards the end perhaps, however all-in-all, you’ll definitely take away a different view on considering your wellbeing in a 360 degree way.

Lucy Gill
Brand Manager

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posted on 5 Jun 2015 10:31:57
Eat ,Nourish and Glow by Amelia Freer is such an inspirational read it makes you want to change what you eat with ease. It has the same effect as Neom Happiness inside and out.

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