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What's Your Energy Zapper?

Posted by Emma Page 1

Is it your work or home life? Your health or your mindset? These 4 steps will help you unleash your own natural energy – and keep it topped up, every day


1. Get on the same page

When the family juggling act is more frantic than ever, spend one hour a week getting on the same page. Fantastic apps like Cozi make it easy to manage different schedules while also staying on top of errands and grocery lists, while the customisable calendars from Kikki.K let everyone fill in their own plans, from school clubs to favourite family meals.

2. Get ahead of yourself

If work pressure has stepped up 5 gears you’re likely to have a manic morning – the biggest energy zapper of all! Get ahead of yourself – and make your evening count:

Shift your morning shower to an evening soak, and you’ll be able to wake up later (and have time to meditate too!), eat, dress, and go. 

Pop your breakfast and lunch into one grabbable zippy bag, in the fridge, ready to add to your bag before you leave 
Have your workbag, including fully-charged phone and back-up battery, packed, and ready. 

Update your diary every evening, to ensure you know where you’re going, who you’re seeing, and what meetings you have. Add in train times or addresses, plus contact numbers for anyone you’re meeting, too. Don’t rely on surfing back through your inbox – it’s too easy to get distracted by incoming mail.

A lot has been reported on mindfulness being the key to happiness this year - what’s the best piece of evidence you’ve read/ found to support this?

3. Make Work Workable

Make Work Workable – research shows that we spend ¼ day simply sifting through work emails (without responding), and the average worker now sends and receives 120 emails a day*, while a 2016 Study** found that we’re interrupted every 11 minutes, and it takes 25 minutes to get back on track.

Clear desk, clear intention, clear focus – start and end every day with a clear surface, aside from just one list of things to tackle tomorrow.

Keep email time to a minimum. Move non-urgent mail into a separate folder. If it becomes urgent, the sender will follow up. If not, you can reach it when you’re ready – or delete when it’s no longer relevant.

Solo-Task. Switching from SM, to email, to Word or Excel, will only leave everything half-done. Plan a workday routine that includes a slot for each of the above, and stick to it. Efficient SM time should take no more than 30 minutes a day, or set aside an hour a week to schedule your posts in advance – Tweetdeck and Later (for Instagram), are two of the best.

4. Pay into your energy bank

Once a week, do something for longer – it could be a lunch break meditation, a sunrise spin class, or an evening yoga session. But keep your daily Small Step, Big Difference payments unbreakable – our favourite easy options are an online yoga class, a guided meditation on the iPad, and a long bath followed by a deep stretch – paying in to that energy bank, and powering you up for another day.

*from The Energy Project

**University of California, “The Cost of Interrupted Work” study

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