Believe in the magic of natural wellbeing

Posted by Nicola Elliott

Believe in the magic of natural wellbeing

The magical way to feeling GOOD.

For years I’ve lived by the wellbeing mantra ‘small steps, big difference’, and this year we’ve helped you with this, more than ever. Whether you found that our Magnesium Body Butter helped your stress levels, that our epic Wellbeing Pod was a bedtime lifesaver, or that you’re just loving our new natural skincare range, it’s been lovely to hear about the ways in which we have helped you with your wellbeing, naturally.

So this years Christmas at NEOM is ‘Believe in the Magic of Natural Wellbeing’, because what really is better (or more magical) than what nature has to offer? It’s precious, it’s pure and clean. It powerfully supercharges your wellbeing and is quite simply the most magical way to feel good. With only the BEST pure sparkling plant oils, natural ingredients and our expertly blended 100% natural fragrances - delicate yet wondrously powerful and help you feel calm, relaxed, energised and feeling good, create the festive vibe that suits you.

Does a traditional Christmas float your boat? Are you the one who likes the sound of the natural scents of mandarin cinnamon and tonka bean (like a cake baking in the oven floating around your home)? Then our Christmas Wish fragrance is the one for you. Perhaps more modern vibes are your thing? Then Perfect Peace is for you - with fresh pine, spicy myrrh and zesty lime peel. Or does a mellow and calm Christmas sound up your street? Then you’ll love our Precious Moment fragrance. Hello cosy yet vibrant vetivert, black pepper and warming ginger.

This festive season, celebrate a natural Christmas with us and say hey to real gifts with purpose. Wishing you a natural magical Christmas.

Please get in touch and tell us what you’re up to and how you’re using NEOM, we love to hear from you…

Much love,

Nicola x

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