Have you met our ambassadors?

Posted by Nicola Elliott

Have you met our ambassadors?

We’re pretty relentless when it comes to banging on about the little moments. We believe in the little moments of wellbeing for EVERYONE. REAL wellbeing moments. It’s in our DNA.

Not only do our products have to tick the box for 1 – efficacy, 2 – amazing-ness and 3 – wellbeing boosting, the NEOM team are passionate about giving YOU easy, kick ass, wellbeing tips, hints and advice too. The Neomologists in our stores are always ready with a cup of tea and smiles, on hand on live chat, PLUS did you know we have a bit of a NEOM wellbeing tribe too?

Our 20-strong tribe – the NEOM-ers – the ‘little moment’ advocates are also here to answer any wellbeing questions you have. They’re our tribe. They run workshops and events in our stores, they are around on Instagram to help, inspire and have THE BEST wellbeing tips.

There’s Suzy Reading – our Psychologist extraordinaire (and resident self care advocate) who mantra is ‘self care is health care’.

Anya Hayes our supermum myth buster, who says “If you break it down into small steps, you set an intention to move towards the goal, like strapping on your walking boots, taking one step at a time, and before you know it you’ll be halfway up the mountain and it’s not half as intimidating”.

Pip and Joan, Founders of Frame who like to deal those sweet endorphins say “Do something that makes you feel good. Make it your aim to ‘move your body’ every day, whether this is a 10 minute walk to the tube station, a full on HIIT class or a nice long stretch in front on the tv before bed”.

Why not head to one of our Ambassador events in one of our stores Wimbledon Village, Leeds, chat to our Neomologists in store and online, or drop us (or our experts) a message on Instagram – We’ve Got You!